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Has anybody shipped a car from Hawaii to California?

Asked by theckit (18points) May 9th, 2010

And if so, what company have you used. I am thinking of buying a classic Mercedes for a birthday present and after I give it to her here I want to be able to ship it back so she can use it when she gets home.

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Isn’t there just Matson and Young Bros? Oh, I think there is also Suisan or something.

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My family had their cars shipped when we moved to Hawaii. The military did it and it’s pretty expensive (3–5k). That’s about all I know.

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I think there’s something called Slow Boat (I can’t recall the exact name) and I am not positive what they ship exactly but I had a friend who moved to Hawaii from SF and she shipped her stuff that way… may be worth looking into. good luck.

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Between islands it was 150 I think, so probably 500 here, may not be worth it as there are so many deals in Cali on cars

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