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I heard that J.K. Rowling was sued $400 million for stealing the Harry Potter figures from a Canadian author…what happened to the case?

Asked by talljasperman (21822points) May 9th, 2010

I heard this years ago in an Alberta news-cast… what happened to it? there is some refrerence in wikipedia but not much else.

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dismissed due to lack of evidence.

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Really! That means she would have $600 million left…

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I can’t say I’m surprised she was sued in the first place – when I worked at a children’s library, all of the employees were disgusted with her, having the opinion that her work is far too similar to Roald Dahl’s.

I hope this post doesn’t get moderated.

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I was under the impression it was settled out of court. When you sue someone like that, you don’t really want public knowledge of your work, you just want money. And J.K. Rowling certainly does have money.

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She’s been sued quite a few times and all of them have been tossed out. Normally, when you’re that successful, someone will want to get in on all the money.

@FutureMemory Huh, of all the “I hate JK Rowling” I’ve never heard her compared to Roald Dahl. I normally think the similarities end at “children with magical powers and/or exploring a fantasy world” – especially when you add in the tone of the respective authors.

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@FutureMemory In what way would you ever look at Rowling’s work and assume she got it from Roald Dahl?? This talk was coming from library employees? I’ve read a lot of Dahl’s stuff (which is also great), and that never occurred to me, and in fact, even hearing this, I still can’t see any real similarities…

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The suit you are referring to has been dismissed. It almost looks like every author who ever wrote a book about a boy wizard is suing her in hopes of sharing in the billions she has pulled in.

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Honestly I’ve never read either author, so I can’t comment on their opinions personally, but considering their chosen careers (children’s books, library style) I thought they might have been on to something. Who knows.

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Whenever someone who comes from nothing suddenly becomes successful, lots of other people who aren’t as successful are going to be bitter. Not a huge surprise that people will try to find faults.

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what was the suit over?

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geez didnt realize there were that many lol

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