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Has anybody had a near-death experience?

Asked by KeithWilson (833points) May 9th, 2010

If so, what, if anything, did you experience? How, if in any way, has it changed your life?

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I’m not sure if it was or not, but when I was 15, my brother & I got in a fight. As I was lying on the floor, I felt like I was floating & I had like….tunnel vision. But it wasn’t a light at the end of thr tunnel. It was a blacker black.

Said broither has also been pronounced dead twicer. Why couldn’t he stay that way?

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@Draconess Sorry your brother is such a jerk.

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@KeithWilson Meh, he’s out of my life for the most part.

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I had septicemia that almost killed me when I was 22. My mom was ready to plan my funeral and everything. I don’t remember anything from it except from being in the hospital and everyone (including the doctors) thinking I was going to die. I even thought I was going to die.

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Haven’t had one myself, but a friend of mine did a lot of research on them once. Only think I remember is that the experiences people have tend to correlate well with their cultural expectations of what death is like.

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Not in the way you mean it. Psychologically though, I have them all the time.

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I went to the hospital with a blinding headache. The doctor ran all the right tests and sent me home with the assurance they would call me immediately if I tested positive for anything serious. I suffered miserably for three weeks and then recovered. Eight weeks after my hospital visit, I got an unexpected call from the doctor who apologized profusely for the error, but apparently I had suffered from both meningitis and encephalitis and should have been hospitalized and my illnesses should have been aggressively treated to make sure I survived. Does that count as a near death experience?

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@Dr_Lawrence Sure does. Any event that brings you face to face with your mortality qualifies. One poster said that they have phychological near death experiences all the time. Those even count.

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Only thing I’ve ever had that could be comparable to a NDE is some of my DMT experiences.

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@uberbatman Good answer. Thats probably pretty much the same thing. I looked up DMT and found that it was a powerful natural hallucinogen produced in some plants and animals, including humans. Its produced by the pineal gland in the brain and it is theorized to be produced in near death experiences. That might explain some things about my own near death experience.

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Not the type that many write about, but I nearly died from a botched appendix operation when I was 12 years old. My Ordained Uncles were all called in to give me a ‘laying on of hands’ because I was not expected to make it to my 13th birthday.

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Yes, to me anyway. I don’t think I was in danger of dying but I have read accounts of people who are shot (like I was) and they reported similar experiences to mine. Tunnel vision, ringing in ears, a distorted reality, out of body feelings. Anyway, it’s as near death as I ever want to come. Very disruptive to your life.

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@YARNLADY That is definitely a near death experience. I wonder if the laying on of hands contributed to your recovery.
@ru5150 I guess that goes to show you that you dont actually have to be in danger of dying to have experiences like an NDE.

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@KeithWilson DMT is by far the most fascinating of all substances to me. Its hard to explain it to someone who has never done it… but once you have it really changes the way you look at everything in life. It becomes very evident thats what a NDE is, its just your brain being flooded with DMT. It also becomes pretty evident where religion stems from.

Bright flash of light, life flashing before your eyes, being greeted by spiritual beings/angels, its all DMT

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@uberbatman I probably know exactly what you mean. My NDE was very intense and I experienced strong hallucinations.To the point where, even to this day I consider them to be a tangible reality. I didnt believe in God before my NDE and I had absolutely no doubt afterward. I probably had an extended period of the production of DMT in my brain. The experience was so dramatic that it has taken years to fully shake off the feeling. And there are definitely permanent lasting effects. My NDE completely changed my life.

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Ohhh you misunderstood, i dont believe in god in the slightest because of it, quite the opposite.

Did you know that the acacia tree has high contents of DMT in its bark? This is also one of the only trees really mentioned in the old testament and was known to grow at Mount Sinai. God even “told” Moses to build a altar for incense out of this tree and burn it in a closed tent, then god would appear to his followers.

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Yes, I have had a few and the most memorable was when I was given last rites as a kid and remember watching from above the 3 doctors and 3 nurses trying desperately to pump blood back into me to save my life. Yes I saw the white light too! You should have seen the look on my moms face when I woke up and told her about the blood transfusions.

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Old thread but interesting.

In high school a friend and I jumped out to a tree growing on the side of a cliff. Jumped to the tree fine but when I jumped back there was nothing to grab but dirt and I started to slide towards the edge. I didn’t fall but it would have been a ~220 ft drop to rocks and water.

I almost hit a stopped car at 90 mph on the freeway.

I almost overdosed on percocet after I got my wisdom teeth out. I threw most of it up which saved me but I remember lying in bed thinking what a wonderful way to die it was.

Snowboarding has been the majority of my near death experiences but I don’t remember all of them. I go slower since my last concussion. I was in the hospital for 2 nights.

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