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Have you ever tossed a coin in a fountain, made a wish and it actually came true?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) May 9th, 2010

I have seen many a coin tossed into fountains throughout the world and wonder if the wishes made there, have ever come true. it seems we only see the front end of this story, but never the end results. Question: have you ever tossed a coin into a fountain, made a wish and your wish came true? love to hear your story.

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Sure and nothing of those wishes ever came true. Now, one year I did throw a Nickel into the ocean with a wish and that wish came true. I had wished to fall in love with my then best friend because I knew no one who compared to him for anything including his love for me. We had an exciting go round at marriage and have been beyond fortunate to be able to remain each other’s best friends for several decades now.

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Neizvestnaya, don’t leave us hanging here. what was the wish that came true for you?

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When I was about 14, my parents were having a hard time finacially, and I was really worried. I threw a penny that I had found on the ground in a fountain, and wished that my mom would get a job. Well, about a week later, she got a job, and was very happy.
Besides, it doesn’t hurt to wish on stars either.

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Shego, great answer. good to hear the end results were positive for you and your family. you just never know how a situation will end, when you throw a coin into a fountain and make a wish. glad it came true for you.

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Thanks, I guess I have to go back and throw a coin in now, and hope that I can get into school.

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Shego, it wil happen if you want it to happen bad enough. there is always a way for a person to get an education. but, its up to you and only you.

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I know I’m just waiting for the acceptance letter :)

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You will receive it. i just have a good feeling thats its on its way. take a penny and throw it into the commode and make another wish, just to be sure.

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ok, will do :)

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@john65pennington (As to the above…) She “had wished to fall in love with her best friend.”

One doesn’t need a coin to believe that something wonderful is going to happen…and, believe it so as to cause atoms and molecules to dance together and bring it into reality.

HoEVer, tossing the coin is a wonderful, romantic touch!

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Yes but not because the coin toss ‘caused’ the wish. A coin toss cannot cause a wish to come true – unless of course your wish is directly related to the coin toss – “I wish to see a coin splash”. Anything else is – well – crazy. If wishes came true because of coin tosses everyone would quit their jobs and toss coins for a living.

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Yes. Do I think the wish came true because of the coin toss? No.

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