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Favorite Dead end job?

Asked by Riser (3485points) March 13th, 2008

If you had to be in a dead end job with no chance of a successful career, what would you choose?

I worked at Starbucks for two years, while I hated many elements of “corporate” life, it was very enjoyable to interact with customers and experience, first hand, what it meant to be a member of the “starbucks gossip chain.”

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By far the best was working at a movie theater. Everyone was friends outside of work. We used to organize massive camping trips. All of the managers would go to. Except Nancy. She was weirded out by me after Big Jon spread the masturbation rumors.

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i worked at a dairy queen… it wasn’t all that bad.. free ice cream when ever i wanted and i could make anything i wanted =] awesomeness

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Bartender. (And amateur relationship counselor and therapist.)

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i’m a masters rowing coach (in addition to my real job). i get to drive motor boat along side some old people who want to (think they can) row fast and still be able to drink beer after practice. i make hardly any money, as there is no money in rowing even if you are a D1 head coach. but three nights a week during the ice-free seasons, i get to be outside, on the river and see the sunset. and get a beer after practice. all while dreaming that someday, these old people will actually be good enough to win some races.

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I was a barista in a local coffee shop. Everything was personal and seeing smiles [or grunts of appreciation] for making good coffee was awesome. Plus there was lots of soap-opera style drama flowing through there…. [ie seeing a man come to breakfast with his wife but lunching with a floozy… he eventually married the floozy and they would go to the back where the couches were and massage her feet]

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Massage her feet? 0–0 I am in love with the fact that he didn’t work there, otherwise I’d never taste coffee again.

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Delivering flowers.

Everyone is happy to see ya (except for funeral home runs) and the heaviest thing you lift is a Pick Me Up Bouquet.

Regular hours, much more than min wage, and they give you a truck to drive.

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Driver for a very successful san diego based (now out-of-business) escort service. Yeah, that’s right…kind of an assistant pimp, but not quite. Pay was very good. Good nights meant good tips for girls and me. It was entertaining and fun but had its scary times too.

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Yeah…about the feet – we hated them for it. They were the disgusting type of couple, the ones where you wonder “Why did he leave his wife?!” They would always order the the pickiest drinks – “sugarfree vanilla skinny latte with extra foam” x2 largest size.

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working reception at a grooming school I worked 12 hours a day and got paid 10 an hour for doing absolutely nothing but sitting on my rear….. I loved it….. But I needed something a little more stimulating!

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My favorite dead end job was clinical waste porter at a hospital. My main responsibility was to ensure that bags of clinical waste didn’t pile up in the corrridors. Occasionally sort out the mess when a sharps bin split open. ahhh…. happy days

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Nanny—super fun, but didn’t pay enough and there was never going to be a promotion!

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My best was at a dairy farm. It was so easy. Plus a handfull of tit every night! Lol, just kidding. I swear I’m not a weirdo…

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I loved working at the local video store. I was never going to be manager, and the pay sucked. The only good thing about it was being able to view the movies before everyone else. That was awesome because it was free!

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Working at an amusement park. The friends were great and so were the parties, but the hours and kids took a toll. I am now enjoying a career in the military a possible endless career:).

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I worked at amys Ice creams for awhile and it was such a fun job I wish I could do it forever!!

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I worked as a lifeguard during the summers when I was in high school. First at a stuffy country club, which was just okay. But then my parents moved to an out-of-the-way town to retire and I got a job at a community pool where everyone swam in oversized Tasmanian Devil tee-shirts and had mullets and strechmarked tattoos. And needless to say, the rules were much less stringent than at the country club. And we had a LOT more fun.

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Someone already covered theme parks, so I’ll go with my second favorite dead-end job: working at a mall toy store. Everyone was friends and we had a blast every single shift. We’d even hang out on the store after hours and “test out” the new toys and games. Plus, having a food court around all the time wasn’t too shabby.

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I worked at this sh*tty little burger joint when I was in high school. It was the dirtiest, nastiest place (but the burgers were awesome. Not just because I cooked them), but we had a lot of fun. The manager used to get high in the back office. We had a cricket infestation problem. One girl got paid $20 to eat a cricket shake. I lost my virginity there.

Good times.

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Drive a van to p/u ele school kids to go to an after school Chinese emersion school
(to learn Chinese laguage). Only couple hours a a day, but fun.

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I worked at a research place for 3–4 years. We would call people and survey them, the job really sucked. But it was a really relaxed environment and the pay was ok, plus the people I worked with were awesome.

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