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May Fluther help me come up with a name?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34514points) May 9th, 2010

I may be hosting a radio show on my colleges radio next semester. The way it works is, you get a 2 hour slot once a week. So, my idea is to cover a different genre each week, so, say rap one week, psychedelic trance the next, and bluegrass after that. For each genre I want to stay away from anything commercial, I want to expose people to as much different music as I can.

Now, my problem. I cant think of a name for what the hell to call my program. I want a word meaning all encompassing or something of that sort but im falling short on ideas.

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Uberbatman’s catholic hour. I suppose it might be misunderstood, but you could emphasize the little “c”.

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I would listen to uberbatman’s catholic hour, since I normally don’t hear “catholic” and “batman” in the same sentence.

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(insert first name)‘s Jams

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Batman’s Bomb Beats
Triple A Radio (Any And All Radio)

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The Gumbo Flow Show

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Cornucopia (a horn of plenty) or maybe ->
Cornucopia of beats?
Infinite grooves?

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Musical Caboodle?

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The names that mean what you’re asking for—names such as you’ll find in the thesaurus entry for gallimaufry—are so overused for every kind of mishmash hodgepodge of miscelleanea from antiques and collectibles to tidbits of wisdom to literary anthologies that they convey nothing. How about choosing a word that means something—simply a great word, such as chrysalis or colonnade or semiquaver or village—and making it mean something in relation to your show?

Alternatively, how about Uberbatman’s Universe?

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Baskin Batmans 32 Flavors

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The Crossroads Disco

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360 degrees of music, sub because it’s the good stuff below all the crap.

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Dick Clark’s Nightmare

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Uberbatman’s (or real name) shrooms. (short for psychedelic mushrooms)
Or Uberbatmans’ Pychedelic mushrooms
Or Uberbatmans’ organic mushrooms
Or Uberbatmans’ magic mushrooms
Mushrooms because they can flourish in rich soil, can be good for you and some can send you on quite a trip.

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Music Expo
or UberExpo show!

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Sounds of Serendipity.

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Off The Record.

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You are playing a variety of music. how about (your first name)Variety Show.

Example: “Hey, its BJ’s Variety Showtime”

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when you do bluegrass make sure to include the avett bros!!!

Call yourself Rad, the man with the radical radio.

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@Finley Lurve for the Avett Brothers.

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I want a link to the online streaming radio site once your show starts.

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of course devi, anything for you :P

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