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Hungry (peaceful) aliens have landed. You're in charge of organising a banquet to showcase the finest cooking on earth. What's on the menu and who is cooking it?

Asked by bootsalmighty (26points) May 10th, 2010

What do you think would be the ultimate menu and the best chefs on the planet to cook it? Don’t worry about logistics or the aliens’ digestive system. You could have one chef to cook each course: a starter, a fish course, a main course and a dessert.

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It blatently has to be Heston Blumenthal, one of his crazy feasts like the ones he does on channel 4. Maybe a full sized Hansel and Grettel house or something along those lines. mmmmm

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Nigella Lawson – I’d like to see her prepare chocolate fudge cake.

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A Chinese feast prepared by Martin Yan.

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Gordon Ramsay. Not only does his food look good, but he looks pretty good himself LOLL

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Most definitely Rachel Ray. I don’t care what she makes as long as she sleeps with me afterward!

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I think I would have Tamasin Day-Lewis to cook the dessert. I’ve seen her make some absolutely delectable dishes, and she sort of doesn’t really have a method, like she just makes it up as she goes. Her show is in her own kitchen at home and I really enjoy it. Maybe Matt Moran could do the entree, I’ve seen him on the Australia Masterchef and his little canapes and stuff looked sooo good. I think if both of the Two Fat Ladies were still alive, I’d love them to do the mains. I used to love that show. I don’t even remember why. With their motorbike. Heh.

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A crab sandwich and a banana shake from Fenton’s Ice Creamery in Oakland.

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Gordon Ramsey to cook everything, but he would have to deliver it, I don’t think I could stand him my kitchen.

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David Bouley has to do it.

But Martin Scorsese’s mom (if she’s still with us; I don’t know that she is) can do the lasagna. She’s a great Southern Italian cook.

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I would be confidented appointing Pierre Hermé to the dessert. There would be a rainbow of macarons, and cake. Or crème brûlée, I’m sure Pierre can do a fabulous crème brûlée. We’ll just pretend the aliens have massive stomachs :D

Tentative suggestions for the other courses:
Mushroom soup with truffles
Duqqa with bread and roasted vegetables
Baby octopus salad
Peking duck

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@Sophief He could cook in my kitchen any and every day. I would be willing to share the food with you! Deal?? LOLL

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I would cook. I would make pancakes, bacon, real Vermont maple syrup, oh I’m sorry @stranger_in_a_strange_land, I meant Maine maple syrup, really good coffee from Olympia Coffee Roasters,
and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Nothing fancy. Just perfect.

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James Beard, Julia Child and the Muppets Swedish Chef could put on a really, really good show, never mind what they would cook, the entertainment value would be enough.

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All the Iron Chefs, what ever they make will be delicious especially Morimoto’s dish mmmmmm.

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Bregit lungs, Gagh with Grapok sauce and a side dish of Pipius claws and heart of targs drenched in targ milk. And a pitcher of bloodwine of course.

The aliens will feel right at home.

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I would recommend any pasta prepared by Lidia Bastianich. Yum!

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