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What do you recommend for professional file sharing?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) May 10th, 2010

I would like a solution with OS integration. Maybe you know the solution? Well, it would work if it didn’t demand that the other side also install Pando.

Basically what I want is to be able to right-click for instance a 2gb file and then click an option to share it online and get a private url to download that I can provide to my customer.

My ideal is as simple as Pando on the sending side (with OS integration — not via browser — and that doesn’t lose the whole upload with a network interruption) and as simple as for example or on the receiving side (works through the browser with no additional plugins etc)

Also has the ability to preview videos right on the browser which is very useful. If zshare would have a desktop client for sending it would probably win me already.

Thanks for all your insighs.

P.S.: the ability to brand the service is important… to make it more professional

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I don’t think it applies to your needs, but it’s worth checking out anyway.

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Thanks @jfos
In the meantime I’m also looking into which seems interesting enough to let go of the local-client wish…

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Wuala is an excellent choice for sharing sensitive client files. In comparison to the many file hosts out there, there is no chance anyone will be able to index or browse your “secure” private link.

Wuala is an application, each file you add to your online repository will be broken to pieces and encrypted separately with a very high encryption. You can then control who sees a folder: public, select users, accessible by key-url etc.

Use my referral link and I also get more space!

You can buy space, or trade local space (if your computer is online a lot) for ample online space. Going pro through trading or buying enables file versioning and automatic synchronized backups as well. Quite handy.

Dropbox is great as well, but not as sure about the security. I know they also use encryption but the methods are more for non-professional file sharing. Your client won’t need to use the software, but simply a browser.

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Dropbox is what you’re looking for, in my opinion. The files are encrypted in AES-256, and it says no public folders are browsable, so it should be alright.

I’ve never had any trouble with security in the way I’ve used it (very similar to your needs), and the client for it is very good and non-obtrusive. I’m a happy customer.

You can always password protect or archive the file you’re sending, too, for a little extra security.

If you’re interested, I do have a referral link here. You know, just in case.

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The first thing that came to mind for my was DropBox as well. They’re an amazing, smart, small company. They’re killing it.

Depends on the branding, really.

Jrome's avatar is good. Dropsend works.

Apple’s MobileMe also works and is rock solid for the foreseeable future.

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