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Do you think back pain may come from some other emotional pain?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) May 10th, 2010

For several days I was suffering from intense back pain, more toward the shoulder of the neck. At first just caught back, but today actually feel intense pain every move as if someone burned my back. I asked someone who deals with spirituality and she said this pain is emotional and not necessarily physical. It’s the body’s signal to any other pain.

What do you think?

Although I did not connect spirituality at this level. I do sport a lot but had never experienced such a busy back with severe pain.

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sounds like tension, are you stressed out?

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Not sure, I caught the first one while I was very relaxed and I could not move because my back was stiff. The next day it passed. Today it came back again and it’s worse it suddenly accompanied by a terrible burning pain as if taken in addition to the very muscle that I felt before.

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Psychosomatic medicine used to be all the rage. Now, in the days of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy replacing Psychodynamic psychotherapy, not so much.

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Have you recently started taking any medications? Statins for high cholesterol perhaps? If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, that can also cause you to tense up; physically due to bad posture/ergonomics and also from mental stress.

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it sounds like it could be a pinched nerve.

I would rule out the physical before thinking about the spiritual.

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You have this back pain and you are worried about emotional and spiritual pain? Usually stress, medications, side effects etc. cause physical effects, but this is definitely not emotional or spiritual…..nowadays we use doctors for things like these, not shamans.

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It’s definitely possible. Mental tension often leads to physical tension. Try some yoga.

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@myopicvisionary , no medicine, not anything. I am really trying to undersatnd what may cause this, since I never ever had this kind of pain before.

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@marinelife , This is really interesting, because I do have all these symptoms :-/

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Tension in the upper back and shoulder exacerbated by sports? Tension can have emotional causes.
I once paid $50 for a massage and tensed up again as soon as I left the masseur and went back to my stress.

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There are a lot of things that can cause back pain. It could be related to the way you sleep, sit, or stand. It could be a sign that you need to replace your mattress. It could also be due to stress or illness. The best thing to do is get it begin to rule out causes if you can’t pinpoint any one thing that started the pain. So start thinking about the position your body was in when the pain first started and each time it occurred after that. Think of how you were feeling (happy, sad, mad, stressed, etc). Flip your mattress. While doing all of this, make an appointment to have your back checked by your doctor. When you go to your appointment, be prepared to talk about all the other things I mentioned as well (to help your doctor narrow down possible causes).

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You said it’s a burning pain? Take a hot shower & drink some mint tea.

It could be emotional, but do you live in a polluted area?

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Emotional pain hurts physically without a doubt. It can feel like a dull, empty ache in the center of our torso, or it may feel like little shards of glass coursing through your veins, depending on the type and severity. We react to this pain by tensing our muscles. We may not even realize that our muscles are compensating for this pain, and it can most certainly center itself in the back area. There can be many causes for back pain, and I know from personal experience, that emotional stress and pain can be one of them.


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I have a similar pain in my shoulder. It feels like a pinch or fire inside my back. It only flares up when I get stressed out about something. Pain reliever never helps. So it’s possible your pain is caused by stress. How to fix it? Not really sure. I guess work on staying calm and relaxing?

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Any pain can be amplified by stress.

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Try reading Dr. John Sarno’s Healing Back Pain; The MInd-Body Connection.

It has helped thousands of people and has some very interesting ideas, although one should see a doctor also. I have incorporated many of his world views
into my daily life and activities, but I still do my stretches and time on the tread mill.

Whenever I get angry or anxious, I feel it first in my lower back. So I do some emotional work on myself immediately.

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beware of fibromyalgia….....or bulgin discs. I have both….burning is a fibro sign.

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My dad’s girlfriend loaned me this book once that describes any pain/symptoms you may have and what the emotional connection between the pain and what you’re feeling could be. i do not remember what the book is called but if you are interested, let me know and i’ll give her a call!

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Yes, back pain can have psychosomatic reasons.

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When I work out on my Elliptical, do weights,Yoga stretches and sit ups I feel better. Sits ups strengthen your Abdominal Muscles which supports your Back. Yoga and all Exercise helps me feel less stressed.
When I don’t have time to Work Out I feel more stressed and my Back aches more.
I have Nerve Damage to my Lower Back from a car accident.

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I have put a pain creamd on my back. Today I feel all my back burns like FIRE but I guess that’s what it does because it helps release my back and pains have been reduced drastically.

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