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What's your best "upcycling" idea for vintage windows?

Asked by lilikoi (10079points) May 10th, 2010

I found two windows on the curb down the road.

One is the kind that slides up and down with rope and a counterweight. The other I think originally opened outwards. Both are glass framed by wood with some of the original hardware attached. I don’t own any real estate so can’t use them as windows at the moment.

I’ve seen two ideas for reusing windows – using them as photo frames and using them as decorative pieces in gardens.

What would you do with these windows?

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Find a painting or photograph of the outdoors/landscape, something very, vacation-esque (maybe tear out the images from a wall calendar) & put that behind the glass panel, then hang it on the wall where there are no windows. The window will look like a real window, that overlooks a beautiful scenery. It will brighten up that wall & may make the room look a little bit bigger.

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My idea was to convert them into table tops – put a glass top over it to get a flat surface but still be able to see the window. I don’t know if either of those two designs would work for that, though.

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Use them in a cute doghouse, chicken coop ( if you are into that ) a playhouse, or a plant stand built as a cabinent type structure with the windows set for light exposure.

Maybe put them in a door like the side door to a garage or a garage wall itself.

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Make them into shadow boxes. To show off some of your stuff that you don’t have out because it is too small or it gets too dusty. You can seal them in the shadow box and not have to dust them.

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I was going to suggest the shadow box, as well. Maybe with a really awesome steampunk theme (for the rope-pull window).

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And do check the paint, if they are painted. Old paint has lead in it.

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I would make a lightbox. Get led rope lights and string them behind a picture you place in the window. Hang it up and voila- lit countryside.

Another idea is to use them as a room divider. Get static cling film in a misty pattern, or any fabric you like, and then hang the windows from the ceiling via two wires. Connect the windows to each other to make one big rectangle. Leave about an inch or so between them. Vertical or horizontal, it would be interesting.

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I like the room divider idea!

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I have one on my wall with a painting behind it, as @rpm_pseud0name suggests.
If I can figure out a way to light it softly from the back side I’ll add that some day (so it looks like outdoor light.

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I have had my fill of trying to turn trash into art. I would leave them where I found them.

Even so, I still admire the concept, so I gave it a GQ. When I was younger I really really wanted to build a house with all recycled materials but I never prospered enough to buy the land.

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