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How long before a Cortizone shot stops hurting?

Asked by majorrich (14721points) May 10th, 2010

I took a pretty bad fall in January and my elbow has been getting more and more sore. I got a Cortizone injection last Thursday and I haven’t felt any relief from the pain yet. Does it take a while for the stuff to ‘kick in’?

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Sometimes it takes a second shot. Sometimes they miss. When I get them within two days I am good to go.

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My really old mother got periodic cortisone shots in her arthritic knee. It worked immediately and lasted for several months.

Sorry you have so much on your plate. Any change that there are bone fragments, chips or a hairline fracture?

In order to detect a small fracture in my mother’s pelvis last Tues., she had to get a PT scan. The standard x-ray showed the area in question to be so covered with arthritis that the two Internists were unable to make a clear diagnosis.

(Cortizone sounds like a character in The Godfather.)

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So it’s ok to get a second shot?! That’s good news! The Doctor was talking like if I get too many shots too close together, my arm would drop off and my willie would shrivel to the size of a bait shrimp. I’ll give em a call tomorrow. Maybe I put up with the pain too long.

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edit: chance and not change.

@majorrich: Before you get a second shot, make sure you get a clear diagnosis. @ChazMaz may have a different medical issue than you.

Don’t even consider following our suggestions in the same way you would those from an Orthopod, Rheumatologist or Neurologist.

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if they work, they work within 16 minutes. they dont work for me, really.

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