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What is this sound effect in music?

Asked by Blackberry (31779points) May 10th, 2010

In this video. It starts on 1:11.
It is the consistent, sometimes droning; usually high-pitched sound in the background of songs. Is that a sound effect or an instrument? I usually always like songs because of this sound, it’s very pleasing to my ears.

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It sounds like synthesized string sounds—fake violins.

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Synth. Definitely.

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Thanks :) It’s awesome.

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Wow, that is a cool song.
Yes, I would agree with @gasman, it sounds like synthed violins to me.

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I know what you’re talking about, I love a synthesizer sound that sounds like orchestra or flutes. Like the first minute of this song, I think its just beautiful. Those were the days when using synthesizers was really popular, so Im fairly certain thats the instrument we hear and not a flute. This one is even more beautiful to me, and is definitely a synthesizer but sounds just like a flute (starting at 00:40, its semi-faint and in the background, but its there and its absolutely beautiful to me). Heres a good one too, it has cool abstract sounds going on in the background the whole time, but the sound most related to your sound, is at 2:10.

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@chamelopotamus I like all of those songs as well.

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