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Children's Indian greeting and response to same?

Asked by countrygirl (5points) May 10th, 2010

When we were children at camp, we would yell to see if anyone was around, something like,“Hel-lo, eeny, meeny caw caw um cha cha um pee wow wow, and if someone was within earshot, they responded with a call, which I don’t remember. Anyone know this ?

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must be a regional thing, I have no idea what you’re talking about. where are you from?

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I expected this to be a contrived way to ask How?

What region of the country did you grow up? Nor Calif here, and I never heard of this.

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Do any of these words sound familiar?

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Indians do not have any common languages; each tribe’s language is quite different, and often not even close to the language of their nearest neighbors.

Most of the Native Americans I know generally respond in English though ;)

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I suspect that the words were simply made up like most children’s camps do.

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