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Are love handles on a girl a bad thing?

Asked by wyalgurl (1points) May 10th, 2010

alright well im am 5’1 and like 123 =/ i have love handles and i think im really fat, all my friends and family tells me im not.and im starting to get a eating disorder..

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No, it’s nice to have something to hold on to. Real women have curves, they don’t look like 12 year old boys.

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It depends on who is looking at them. I like grabbing them though, they are called love handles for a reason. Mmmmmmmmm.

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Why do you think they are called love handles? Women by nature have a different distribution of subcutaneous fat than men, and that’s what makes them sexy and exciting, at least to me. I’m not attracted to a boyish or pre-pubescent figure, and I doubt many other men are, either.

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Your weight and height seem to be in the very normal range. Women are supposed to carry a little extra fat. If you are tipping over into an eating disorder then perhaps you have a skewed idea of your body. You need to try to get that view under control before you get into a major eating distorter.

There is a real disconnect between what guys feel like is sexy and what pop culture tells us we need to look like. Try not to pay attention to the media about what “good” or “healthy” or “sexy” look like.

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5’1 and 123 lbs. is not heavy. I think the only time either sex does not want to see love handles IMHO, is when someone is wearing skin tight pants and a middy shirt that shows the love handles oozing over the tops of the pants.

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chyna speaks truth.

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They look “bad”, but feel good – of course depends on the balance. They’re definitely not a bad thing though. Best away from the stomach region however for health reasons :)

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I agree with everyone else, there is nothing wrong with having love handles. As far as the eating disorder, you should talk to someone about it now before it gets to a point where it would be harder to gain control over it.

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If you’re developing an eating disorder, in all my experiences, there is nothing any of us can say or do to change your mind. An eating disorder comes from thinking you should be completely fit and toned but you have a little fat stored somewhere and want to get rid of it without having to do any work. All those celebs and athletes that you see with FANTASTIC bodies spend hours a day in the gym. They don’t just quit eating or throw up and then wake up with bodies as tight as a cow skin being stretched for tanning. 123 for a female 5’1” tall is a really good average weight. Those love handles aren’t as big of a deal as you are making them to be. If they bother you that much, start doing cardio. Staying in your target heart rate for thirty minutes everyday will cause most excess fat to melt off of your body. You can find your target heart rate buy using the equation here. Don’t expect to be cut up and look like a super star, but you will be healthy and have a better perception of yourself if you were to do that. If you decide you don’t want to work for it, I suggest you seek help for your skewed vision of yourself.

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you know what every girl is beautiful

and listen to @Randy he knows what hes talking about

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@syzygy2600 whats wrong with girls who look like the have they body of 12 yr old boys

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@nyc_air “whats wrong with girls who look like the have they body of 12 yr old boys”......

It sounds pretty self-explanatory lol!

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All women think they are fat. I’m sure you’re beautiful.

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see this is what I am saying
honey it doesn’t matter if your skinny, fat, square or any other shape or size.
people will still put u down.

look the way you want to look but please don’t pull a Hedi Montag (or whatever her name is)

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You’re fine. Exercise if you want to change your body.

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I understand where you’re coming from, a lot of girls are especially insecure about their bellies, no matter how little they weigh. But disordered eating is not the way to feel better about yourself, and I’m sure you know that.

It may seem easier to just not eat at all, but if you put good food into yourself and cut down on bad fats and lollies, and commit to a healthy exercise routine, you’ll know that you’re doing the best for your body. Just in case you’ve forgotten, there’s stuff in food that makes your bones strong, your skin glowing, your hair lustrous, your heart beating.

In the short term, just suck it in (that’s part of a good posture anyway). And don’t go around telling your friends and family that you’re fat, you’re just reinforcing this belief in yourself.

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Avoid clothes that accentuate muffin tops. They are ridiculous on some people..

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Talk to your doctor.

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@chyna ,,, muffin top.

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1. Wear clothes that fit you. Love handles eliminated.

2. Don’t fuck around with eating disorders. That leads to suffering and nothing else. Your life will only get increasingly more miserable if you head down that road.

3. If you need someone to talk to, there are people who will listen. Consider your school guidance counselor, or another trusted adult.

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Women with curves are much more attractive than skinny supermodel types. Your bodyweight is right for your height. Your friends and family are corrcet.

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Anorexia is the number one killer of all psychological disorders. It’s more efficient than depression. DON’T mess around. You start thinking in that sick way it will kill you more surely than walking in front of a bus.

We have hips, butts & boobs. We’re short, round, long and thin, big and small and loved by all. Don’t obsess.. about ANYTHING! It’s not healthy and there is too much FUN to be had in the world to spend time and energy on things that make no difference. Spend more time and energy on shopping for clothes in the right size that make you look like the little knock-out you are. Start focusing on features you like… get a nice haircut that brings out your eyes…. buy a fitted jacket that shows off your waist… or your cleavage.. Just stop beating yourself up over a complete NON ISSUE!

I had a friend in high school….. ‘nuff said.

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Love handles aren’t a good thing on anybody.

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