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Do you believe in Luck?

Asked by Guy123123 (302points) May 10th, 2010

Recently i have gotten a Mayan necklace which is supposed to be good luck, and so far it has been. Girls have started noticing me more, i feel like i fit in more because i now have a close group of about 10 friends (we were all friends before were just closer now) and just generally lucky things have been happening. Do you believe this was from the necklace? I know, i sound crazy

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Nope, you are possibly experiencing a coincidence my friend. It’s hard to believe nothing changed in your life except a necklace to make these things start happening.

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I believe in karma, coincidence, and confidence – they can all look like luck.

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I believe in probability distributions. I am ‘lucky’ to have found my job, but that is an expression of probability. I am luck to have met my girlfriend, but again that was pure chance that we both chose a university course that neither of us would normally have considered.

In your case, it is probably confidence. You believe the necklace brings luck, so you are a more confident person when it is in your possession. Girls notice a confident guy, because you carry yourself differently and look more like a stable, attractive person. You will also notice more good things happening because you are looking for them, and you probably won’t take as many fortunate things for granted.

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I dont believe in luck. unless its bad luck. :(

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I don’t believe in luck. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the necklace has given you enough confidence to achieve these things yourself?

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I do not believe in luck. i believe in blessings.

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No , I think it is just a case of being in the right place at the right time. As for your necklace, you are so convinced that it carries some magical powers that it has given you the confidence to believe in yourself more. Amazing what a bit of confidence can do, it is all in the mind!

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I don’t believe in luck as some kind of independent force at play in the universe, but I do know there have been a number of times in my life when I have dodged an effing bullet, the size of a football, headed right for my forehead. Is that luck? It don’t know, but I am always extremely grateful when it happens.

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Do you wear the necklace around? Maybe girls just like it.

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Give it to me NOW!

I really really really need it. :*(

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@windex… lol lol lol

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Hey what time is it everywhere?

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No, I don’t think the necklace has anything to do with any of that. You may have had a confidence boost, no way for me to know that.

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Most of the time, I dont believe in luck – or any kind of supernatural-voodooish type of things. Throughout my life, though, I’ve had a few experiences that really made me think and say… “Wow, what a miracle”.

So I wouldn’t deny such a thing… if you think the necklace is “working”, why take it off? =D

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The probability of good events is independent of your belief in luck.

If you expect good outcomes, you are likely to work hard to achieve them. Your efforts may increase the probability of success.

If you believe in luck or that your good outcomes are independent of your efforts, you will be less likely to work hard to achieve the outcomes you desire. That may actually decrease the likelihood of obtaining good outcomes.

Luck is inferred after the fact by those who are unaware of the factors that contribute to good outcomes.

It better to be hard working and successful then a failure and blame it on your back luck.

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Luck is just another name for good fortune.

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I don’t believe in lucky neclaces,but do believe in lucky ruby rings;)

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No…but it doesn’t do any harm living in hope does it? :)

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@definitive No, hope is not just an illusion, it is an essential. It helps us get through when all evidence shows us that we might as well not bother carrying on. Like Pandora’s Box. It is our strength and our consolation as we wind our way through the evils and disappointments that sometimes come our way.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. There is luck but luck is not facilitated by an object or ritual, it is what it is. Some believe all good fortunes are blessing but that would lessen the prominence and significance of blessings. How would one describe boorhish, selfish, rude, and down right nasty people have good fortunes, fame, wealth, and the likes? If you can get what amounts to a prize or gift being a total a** hole what value does that put on a blessing? If you are a kind, benevolent, kind person and calamity always befall you or you are always victimized what does that say to blessing?

I think there are those who were lucky based on what family they were born in, just the random draw of being born. Being born the kid of a celebrity or born into a mega wealthy family. To be in a family where the family name opens doors for you and you don’t have to really earn your chops. Then there is luck that seems to happen to people that places them at the right place at the right times or in favorable position for no discernable reason. You get hired to work for Oprah a week before she gives all her employees a swag bag full of goodies and $10,000 bonus. You happen to be the 50,000th customer and win a free trip, etc. There was nothing done to influence or create the opportunity it just smacks the person broad side of the face no matter what moral compass they had. To some the lucky those random occurrences happen often.

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