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SMS pictures on iPhone?

Asked by xtro (30points) March 13th, 2008 from iPhone

when will u be able to send or recive pictures on this so called super phone

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Do it by email. For now, no one knows when but Apple.

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Mid June 2008

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I know by email its still silly one of the most expensive phones there are and it can’t do what a free phone can do!!!!!!

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yeah that really sucks. My old phone could also take video and the camera could zoom in and out. I don’t get why they made the iPhone so sick but overlooked these other small features that are so necessary

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If u send someone a pic send it to their and they should get it as a txt not an email. It only works if they have some sort of Internet on their phone

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I think the images are too high qualty to send via SMS. I imagine Apple feeling those terrible low quality photos were so tasteless that they wanted nothing to do with them.

Something I can sympathize with.

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expensive? My first Palm Treo cost $650!

Who needs MMS? Just about everyone on Earth has email. I’d rather the high quality pictures, thanks.

Very soon every phone will have email and Apple is all about leading the future! Not conforming to the past.

Highest Regards,

Daniel Riser

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MMS pictures are so… Tacky.

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@ everyone: sneakerfreak is right. I have that on my home menu- its a web app- just look it up. Go to your photographs, select a photo, and then put it in an email(like always). Then, when you usually insert the email address- just put the phone # area code first,!
its nice because even if someone doesn’t have email, it just takes them to a link where they can view the photo. I usually just email my stuff- but if I don’t have their address yet, I send it SMS.

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