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What other snacks would I like?

Asked by gemiwing (14708points) May 10th, 2010

I have fallen in love with Bissli Falafel flavored snack sticks .

I really like the crunch and I love the flavor- yum falafel!

My question is- can anyone recommend other snacks that I might like, preferably ones that aren’t the run of the mill US ones (like pringles, bugles, lays etc). I like salty, crunchy and savory snacks. I hate lemongrass, cilantro and licorice.

Bonus if I can order them online or find them in the local bodegas/ethnic food markets.

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I love these, but you would definitely want to invest in some of these :)

Have you tried wasabi peas? I hate them but my roommate completely Hoovers them when they’re in the house.

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@poofandmook haha! Oh yeah, I have a package of those in the kitchen right now! They’re so good. I may or may not have almost eaten a whole box at a go once.

Hubbs loves the wasabi peas- I hate them. Too spicy! He can go through a can of em in a day; it’s actually entertaining to watch the mixture of joy and pain on his face. It goes something like this: Oh God ow! Oh yum so good! – then repeat for an hour lol

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blech!! LOL

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Have you tried pita chips? Look for Stacy’s Pita Chips – they come in different flavours but I like Simply Naked which is just sea salt. They are the definition of “salty, crunchy and savory.” You could probably find them online if you looked, but I know that you can buy them at Whole Foods.

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Chifles plantain chips

Jill_E's avatar check out this link

It is pretzels but very thin. Like a bagel thin crisps but its pretzel crisps. We love them. You can dip it in melted cheese or hummus. Or eat it plain.

Our friends at picnic spots rave about them. Something new and yummy.

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