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How clean is your Starbucks?

Asked by BluRhino (1401points) May 11th, 2010

My Starbucks (kiosk) is totally filthy (imo); I would never buy a drink there other than regular coffee. (which I also would not buy because I do not like Pike’s) The morning crew is very busy, so do not spend any time cleaning; the steamer wands are crusted over; I have seen cleaner fish ponds than the sinks there. It is a constant struggle to try to keep clean, especially for me. (my co-workers think I am some clean-freak nut) for example:

I will wash each steamer pot after each use, and wipe the wands; they will not wipe, and often re-use the steamer and leftover milk for the next customer, and leave them on the counter as well. I think this is unhealthy practice. (their excuse is they are busy and dont have time)

So, those of you who frequent SB, do you see what goes on there? Does it matter to you, or is it just part of food service? Are you a drive-up customer and dont see? SB employees, what is your postiton? Do you stay clean? Or not?

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I don’t buy coffee there because it tastes like dirt.Now I know

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Doesn’t this place get inspected? I only drink the caramel spice drink, as I can’t drink tar. My SB is in a Target. I guess the next time I’m in there, I’ll look behind the counter & take note as to what it looks like back there.

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I don’t buy Starbucks. Any place that claims to be a gourmet coffee house, then burns the crap out of their coffee isn’t worth $5 for a mocha.

The fact that the employees are careless with their cleanliness is just sealing the deal. Yuck.

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Luckily I live very near a town so small that there is only Ralph’s Pretty Good Café. He brews fresh coffee daily and had a clean machine for lattés, espressos and cappuccinos.

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I have never had a decent cup of coffee from Starbucks. they burn their coffee beans. i am amazed that Starbucks has lasted this long. i will say this in defense of one Starbucks. its located on a casino boat in Indiana. this Starbucks is spotless. you actually could eat off the floor. its kept so clean, because of the casino and the money it takes in. a lot has to do with employees that care about their job, no matter where its located.

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@john65pennington ; You nailed it – it has to do with employees that care…Now, I know it can be crazy busy, and when people are lined up, you just have to keep humping, and some things just have to wait. Its not that that they dont care; when time is available, it gets cleaned up. But some of our people are just slobs to begin with. If you went to IHOP for Mothers day b’fast, you probably dont want to know what went on back there, either. I think most of us dont think about what goes on in the kitchen so much as the dining experience; if we did, we wouldn’t eat out much.

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I avoid Starbucks except when I have to while traveling. I’m so lucky in that there is an excellent local coffeehouse that’s been there 16 years, and it’s my favorite place.

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There are over a thousand Starbucks (or so) in my city. Having such a variety, I have definitely noticed there are good stores and bad stores. I go out of my way to go to the good one. The espresso is always good, the service is great, and the store is spotless.

Also, we have a rating system in L.A. so I know the health inspection score for every place I get food/drink. I don’t eat below a B.

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I don’t like guns with my coffee so I tend to go to the local hangout (that roasts, not burns, its own beans) and has a far greater selection than I have ever seen at SB. I also don’t like having to memorize an entire new periodic table of cup sizes (S, M. and L works great for me when buying coffee and A, B, C, works for bras, then I hit overload).

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@BluRhino Woah, seriously? That’s just nasty. I get busy at work, too, but we wash the milk pitchers between uses, only use the milk once, and store the pitchers in the fridge so it will be cold for the next use. (A lower starting temperature helps you make better foam.) We even have a pretty specific procedure for steaming the milk so it will come out smooth and velvety, with very small bubbles. We grind beans only as we need them. During slow times, I clean the espresso machine, steam wands, and drip coffeepots with cafiza so residue won’t build up, because residue changes the taste of the coffee.

Edit: I do not work at Starbucks.

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@Haleth: Thats more like it; I would love to know your foam procedure, that has always been an issue for me. I provide my own scrub pads to try to get the residue from he steam pots, with minimal success.

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Every Starbucks I have ever been to (in TX) was extremely clean. I do agree, though, that their coffee tastes like dirt! Burnt dirt.

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Kara Thrace showers regularly as far as I can tell.

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