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Is trust everything in a relationship?

Asked by Majikjewl (15points) May 11th, 2010 from iPhone
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certainly a huge part of it…plus, great chemistry..good friends first and then…great lovers!

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Trust is not the house of the relationship, it is the foundation. It is essential to the well-being of the relationship, and it is what everything is built upon.

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I think trust is very important in a relationship. Without it, there will be doubts and other issues that come up throughout the relationship.

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Nothing is everything. (Deliberate ambiguity. Those with a clue will get it.)

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Lack of trust is a cancer that will kill the relationship or at the very least make it a miserable one.

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@Trillian really…deliberate…guess it went over my head! that happens often…lol!

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Trust is one of the important building blocks of a relationship. There is also love, sexual compatibility, laughter, and communication.

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Trust is the linchpin to any relationship. Caring, giving & sharing & being best friends make it complete.

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Trust is fundamental, but not everything.

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there are other important factors but without trust there is no point to a relationship.

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Every relationship is different and the balance of factors that influence each can be unique. Without trust though, any personal relationship will be crippled, as trust is capable of influencing every other component, including how they are maintained and perceived.

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Trust isn’t everything, but without it nothing else matters.

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I liked Trillian’s answer as well as the rest. I’ll throw in respect. Respect for your partner as well as self respect.

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I’d say respect is the foundation of a relationship and trust is part of that. Without respect then a person doing “sweet” things for you, providing for you, etc, none of that will feel as good.

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Yes, along with solid communication base also.

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It’s a biggie

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Without it, what you have is not real.

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no but yes it goes like this respect, trust, loyalty, sex, happiness. thoughs are just what is needed in a relationship, it is all up to you and your partner to creat a proper atmosphere that both of you are comfterable in together. trust is somthing you have to earn and somthing you have to learn.:)

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Trust isn’t the main thing, I guess it helps, but it certainly isn’t everything.

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Yep trust should definitely come before lust :)

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There’s many things needed to make a relationship work, which have been mentioned above. However, without trust a relationship isn’t real as such. It forms the basis of a r’ship in my opinion. Without it, many other qualities are compromised

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Without trust, respect is just fear.

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There NEEDS to be trust in a relationship, or at least for me.

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Trust is necessary but not sufficient for a successful relationship. @marinelife enumerated some other necessary components. I consider respect and commitment essential as well.

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No, like is every bit as important as trust and love. If you like the person you love and trust you’ve got it made.

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Respect, commitment and love. ALL need trust to survive.

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