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what is an Unlocked Iphone?

Asked by mikeyC (100points) March 13th, 2008 from iPhone

I don’t really understand like if its unlocked can you use it for Internet only or just iPod part or phone part. Any clues please

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I believe it is unlocked so you can use it with any provider. But it would have to be a provider that uses GSM.

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Unlocked: Use with any provider
Jailbroken: Install 3rd party apps
(I think…I’m Canadian, and we don’t have that beauty here yet :’()

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unlocked means you can use it with any GSM serive provider. but be careful.. some of the features that phone companies offer may deactivate once you unlock your phone. some web services may be terminated, predictive texts might not work quite the same, applications may be missing. all that FUN stuff.

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