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What Does Itching All Over All Night Mean?

Asked by Aster (19223points) May 11th, 2010

I’m ok during the day but all night I itch from head down. Been going on for a week and it affects my quality of sleep. My glucose was Slightly elevated on my CBC and I Do eat a lot of chocolate. Plus, my ears ring a Lot. What the heck is wrong with me? My thyroid was normal and my blood pressure is ok.

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Medicine, supplements, allergies and or stress. 2 years ago I started breaking out in hives on my arms around 3 in the afternoon till bed time. This went on for 2–3 months then went away. I was stressed out and my body was producing histamine for some reason, never did figure out what it was. Benadryl helped me and will help you sleep.

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thanks! I may have some around here , somewhere…

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If you haven’t already done so, try changing your sheets on your bed. Have you started using a new kind of soap or detergent? If so it could be a reaction to that.

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Two ideas:
Is your washing machine malfunctioning? Is it getting all the soap out? Try washing your sheets without soap and see if it helps.

Also what Sea says- if you have started a new type of detergent,.

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Years ago, when my daughter was very young, i worked part-time security at a grocery store. different powder laundry detergents came into the store with broken bags. since the store could not sell these to the public, i offered to buy all of the broken bags of detergent for a cheap price. i mixed them all together. wife washed our daughters clothes in the mix and the itching began. it was the detergents she was allergic to. buy some Dreft and see what happens. its for babies.

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Even though I don’t see how changing detergents could affect the TOP of my head I’m washing them now. Thank you!

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@Aster If you’ve washed your sheet and pillow cases in the new detergent, the detergent is on the pillowcase that you lay your head on. Also, if you rub your head with your hands with any of the detergent on them, it will then transfer to your head.

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a second rinse cycle is good too.

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I developed very itchy hives from taking the flu shot (which is incubated in eggs). Until I realized I had become allergic to eggs, I was just miserable—since eggs are a part of my diet. When I figured it out, I stopped eating eggs and anything made with eggs. That worked, and the whole thing lasted 6 months, and then wore off. All of which is to say, you may have to do some sleuthing to figure out what you might be reacting to.

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Clean sheets and comforter. Now we’ll see how it goes 2night.
thanks so much.

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An allergic reaction or scabies.

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Time to add bags of salt to your water softener.

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I once used blue shampoo and it made me hive up and itch insanely. This didn’t happen until hours later so it took sometime to figure it out. Hope yours is easier! @OneMoreMinute what does the salt do?

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thanks to the “wash your sheets” suggestions I was fine all night.
And God knows the stress levels are way up but it worked.

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@faye When the salt ran out in my water softener, I would itch all over like bad dry skin. And it went on for days. Then it was time to check the water softener salt level. It was empty! So I put three bags in and then after my shower the next day, my skin was fine.
This happened two more separate times. So now I know when I need to add salt. But now I don’t wait until it’s empty.

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@OneMoreMinute I never heard of this salt thing; we don’t have
hard water. I don’t have dry skin. But washing the covers worked.

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I get itching all over my body in the middle of the night every once in a while. I kept watching to see what I might have done on the days before and the only thing I noticed is that before each incidence I may have eaten more sugar later at night. Haven’t checked that idea with my doctor yet but plan too. (It is not my detergent or sheets because the same bedding and pj’s can feel itchy one night and not the night before.)

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