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My USB keyboard will not work when it goes to Windows Vista log-in screen, how can I fix this?

Asked by bstar3 (182points) May 11th, 2010

Well it works doing start-up. In BIOS it also works. But Safe Mode and, when Vista gets to the log-in screen, nothing is happening. It couldn’t be cause of the usb ports because the mouse is working.

Anybody know how I would fix this?

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Did you try swapping ports?

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Yes, I did

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What make and model is your keyboard? has it worked in the past? is it a specialized keyboard that may require a driver installation (did a CD come with it)?

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I had trouble with Vista not recognizing some USB devices. Any flags in Device Manager?

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@dpworkin No, it’s working properly. This is weird.

Yesterday I ran Windows One Care Scanner. Cause of a error message popping up on my windows. After The scan I restarted the computer and, that’s when the keyboard stopped working. I tried to google SOMETHING but nothing popped out.

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Hope this helps.

go to the acer site and download the drivers for your keyboard and mouse for the laptop and put them on a jump drive… put the usb stick in the laptop and boot it up in safe mode and reinstall them while you are in safe mode… then reboot…. they should now function now…..

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