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David Cameron: Oleaginous Toff, or Smarmy Aristo?

Asked by dpworkin (27030points) May 11th, 2010

Either way, he’s now the Prime Minister of what used to be Great Britain. What do you think about this, and why?

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Oh thanks Cleggy, this is just what I wanted.

By the way, there was this oddly assertive German fellow on the phone for you;
wonders if you fancy a half of…Poland?
He also said, “I promise not to back-stab you later either… you greedy, little, gullible… ~click~ ”

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Peace In Our Time.

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It’s my impression that there isn’t as much difference between Labour and the Tories in Britain right now as there is between the Democrats and the Republicans in the States. Is Cameron a disaster or not? Brown was certainly no prize and many of my liberal British friends were pretty disgusted with him.

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Brown and Labour were proof against the wretched excesses of the despicable Thatcherites. Now who will stand up for the ordinary people? Nick Klegg? Um, I think he just bought himself a one-way ticket to Palookaville.

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I am too angry about that sell-out wanker Clegg striking a deal with the Tories to write about this now….

Well done, dickhead, you just destroyed your party and our once-in-a-lifetime chance for electoral reform. Who the fuck will vote Lib Dem now? What is the point!?

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@The_Idler That’s a great point about Clegg. It probably does put paid to election reform, doesn’t it?

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Election reform will not happen, not the way Clegg wants it to. Gordon Brown had the social skills of a waxwork model, but David Cameron is a nauseating shit bag. New Labour has a lot to answer for, but voting Conservative is NOT the way to go. The only saving grace is not having to pay tax on my huge inheritance when it comes. Oh wait, that doesn’t apply to me or anyone I know. Shit sticks, there’s no saving grace. Perhaps growing up under David Cameron will serve to poison a whole generation against the Tories. Sure hope so. For now, though I care deeply about the political fate of my country, I will take my chances with impending war here in South Korea over life under the Tories.


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@jeanmay But tell us how you really feel! That’s kind of what I’m getting from my English relatives too.

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@janbb Humph, I’m well peeved, it’s true. I grew up under Thatcher, it’s a sore point. She took away my free milk at daycare and I will NEVER forgive her.

The Tories couldn’t even get a majority win pitted against the most unpopular PM of our time, but they still get to run the country. I can’t wish them failure at the expense of our country, but I do hope DC chokes on his bicycle clips.

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Oh, I thought you were asking about David Caruso.

I was going to cast my vote for Conceited Snot Who Thinks His Sh*t Doesnt Stink.

He needs to have his hands surgically separated from his hips and have his badge and sunglasses confiscated.

Good writing staff tho :)

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