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Whats the best paying job a person in Canada can get with a few credits in Business and one year of Bach. of Arts?

Asked by talljasperman (21818points) May 11th, 2010

What’s the best paying or (good) job a person from Canada can get with a few credits in Business and one year of Bach. Of Arts
(English, Philosophy, Psychology, Economics)?

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Well, my husband was just promoted to a Branch Manager after 20 years worth of service, taking part time business courses and learning all he could with the company. It hasn’t always been the best paid job, but the job came with benefits, good vacation time and many ways of climbing the corporate ladder. The company also paid for his furthering education.

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Also, banking is fairly recession proof. If you want to take a few more courses then insurance is a pretty decent job so far as pay goes and it too is recession proof.

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I regret I can’t steer you to the best paying job for someone who has a high school education plus a few university courses. I don’t know why you decided not to complete an undergraduate degree but it is not likely to make you an attractive applicant for many jobs.

I recommend you try and decide what kind of career you want to have and do whatever it takes to complete the minimum requirements for entry into that career.

If you need to work and take a few courses at a time to complete your education, that will probably serve you better.

Its a tough world and the economy is still quite slow to recover and potential employers are expecting more than usual from applicants to the smaller number of positions that are open.

There are often jobs as security guards and corrections officers. You might find a good job in that sector. The pay for corrections officers is pretty good.

If you are aiming much higher, then you will have to complete your undergraduate degree what ever way you can accomplish it.

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