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When I Google certain keywords, this link pops up in a new tab...How do I get rid of it?

Asked by lilikoi (10105points) May 11th, 2010

This link:

popped up just now when I was Googling Malabar spinach flower. It then forwards on twice to different URLs and eventually ends up on some random site about whatever the keyword picked up was (a site w/ ads on it for flower sales, e.g.).

It just started happening yesterday, right after I tried to visit or something, which was supposed to be an active link but was not found I think… Doesn’t happen every time I search, just sometimes.

Looks like some kind of spyware / virus / malware / bad and annoying thing.

How do I get rid of it? I ran Avast anti-virus on C-drive yesterday and it did not detect anything.

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Turn on Pop-Up Blocker.

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What browser do you use? Firefox has this nifty ad blocker add-on that should take care of things like that.

Adblock Plus

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Do you use Google desktop?

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Thank you guys for reminding me about Ad-Aware…I was trying so hard to remember the name of that program!

I’m using Firefox (I cannot believe I forgot to put that in the question doh!).

I am running Ad-Aware now and it has found a few things including a “root kit”. What’s that?

I think this is more than just a case of pop-ups since it is always the same domain name that originally pops up.

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You might want to give Malwarebytes a try. There are a few people on their forums having the same problem. Maybe they found a fix by now. Just make sure you update the definition file after you download it.

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yes the firefox add-on works great…i think there are others for firefox too…

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