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Ladies, what do you do to keep your legs from chapping while wearing a skirt?

Asked by Iclamae (2409points) May 11th, 2010

I have this problem where my legs rub way too much when I wear a skirt and then they’re raw by the end of the day. I’d like to wear more skirts but not hurt my legs to do so. Is there a trick?

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Never heard of this before.

According to this, there are a few things that you can do.

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Baby powder.

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I put baby powder on the inner thighs

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Corn starch also works (so I’m told).

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Do you wear hose or tights? That might help.
@kevbo GA :-)

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I do not have this problem… Hmm.. Is the chaffing happening on the inner thighs? I’d use Vaseline. Or you could wear fitted shorts under the skirts perhaps.

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My mom thinks there’s an ingredient in Summer’s Eve powder that makes the powder less crumbly than just baby powder or corn starch, both of which she’s tried.

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As someone who likes to bake, that is a waste of cornstarch.

I have a lot of trouble finding hose that are my size (I’m bad at shopping) but I’ll give that and the baby powder a try. I used to try shorts underneath but it takes all the fun out of the skirt and looks funny sometimes.

If I ever find a job, I’ll try the Summer’s Eve powder.

Vaseline sounds kind of gross… is it gross?

Thanks guys!

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Panty hose

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Definitely try the baby powder or the more grown up Summer’s Eve powder. Reapply as needed.

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If the summer weather isn’t too horrendous where you live then check out the stretchy lingerie longshorts sold with bras in most dept stores. Clothes are supposed to fit smoothly over those and I’ve seen them thigh lenth and mid thigh length.

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There is some evidence that baby powder, and the talcum powder that in contains, is linked to cancer. Even if it turns out to be not true, why risk it? That’s why I just use corn starch instead, and i do find that it helps to prevent inner-thigh chaffing.

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When I run or bike I use what some people call runner’s lube. I use something like this: Body Glide

Sometimes I just wear a breathable base layer when exercising.

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@hannahsugs oh… wow you’re right. I definitely expected that to be one of those studies. I’m sorry for doubting.

That article doesn’t give a correlation between the dosage amount used and and the typical amounts you’re exposed to by using baby powder on your child, so I guess asking the doctor about it would be the best thing.

It also looks like you might be able to find baby powder that is made with cornstarch instead of talc powder. That would solve the cancer problem.

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@liminal Does that work well? I was looking at the site and it looks like a simple application. But do you need to put it on often throughout the day?

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This borders on TMI, but if you’re the type that goes “Commando”, you might want to skip the powder and try another option. Getting powder (talc or cornstarch) in your genital area can contribute to yeast infections.

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@Iclamae: ask a doctor…..or just don’t use it? It does look like you can get baby powder made with cornstarch, but i’d rather not worry about other chemicals, fragrances, etc that they might put in there. At least i know where regular ol’ cornstarch comes from :-)

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I don’t have that problem, but I looked it up and came across a product called BodyGlide…a lot of athletes use it to prevent the kind of thing you describe. They say it’s easier to prevent the problem than to heal it. Good luck.

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They sell an anti-chafing product, I’m sorry that I’m not certain of the name. Anyhow, you put it on as a gel/lotion and it dries to a sort of powder finish. I’m certain you could go to the drugstore and look for it… if I can find the exact name of the product I will come back and update this :)

edit: i did a quick lookup, and it appears that both monistat & lanacane make anti-chafing gels. hope this helped :)

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@Iclamae It usually needs one application. I use much less than one would expect. Too much can stain clothing. You can use the stuff everywhere. It is for wherever chafing may occur. Amazon also has lots of user reviews of the product.

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I think you mean chafing, not chapping, no?
Chapping can be solved by moisturizing, baby powder should work for chafing. And of course, exercise will reduce your thigh size so they don’t chafe at all…

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It’s so comfortable to wear bike shorts under a dress. It gives you all the freedom of wearing pants, with the breezy feeling of wearing a dress.

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I think maybe the best thing to do is lose weight. When I was big I wouldn’t wear skirts for that reason.

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I wear skirt often and haven’t had this happen.I would suggest baby powder or nylons and avoid pencil skirts??;)

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While I do have Lovely Large Lady thighs, I’ve always had this problem, even as a size 8. I guess I walk oddly or have thighs with an uncomfortable shape.

I think I’ll probably go for the body glide if I can find it in stores and/or maybe bike shorts if I can find some that won’t pucker out the skirt too much. I do have trouble drying up when I bike too, so the body glide would solve 2 problems.

@Seek_Kolinahr that seems uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing though. Is something to keep in mind, particularly because of boyfriends who like skirt commandos.

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oh wow. I have not seen them before. They look uber comfortable.

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