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Fellow Fluther ladies: Would you give up some of your eggs to a stranger if you were compensated for them?

Asked by squidcake (2634points) May 11th, 2010

I just saw that special on the news about how women (well, especially those with desirable traits) were getting up to $25,000 for giving their eggs to infertile mothers, as per the mother’s choice. The people paying for them for women who, for whatever reason, had problems with their eggs.

What do you think? Would you feel uncomfortable that a complete stranger is giving birth to your children? Would you have other hesitations about it?

Personally, I would totally do it.

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I would do it, but I have several very undesirable traits.

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All I could tell them really is:
“Well…I’m tall? And got good grades?”

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I am the child of a single mother by choice. My biological father was a sperm donor. He donated sperm because his own wife was having trouble getting pregnant and he wanted to help someone else who had trouble getting pregnant.

If I fit the bill, I plan on doing the same, and not because of the money.

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That’s pretty cool. :)

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I don’t think I could do it. A) because a lot of children already need to be adopted. And B) what if your egg caused the next octomom? And C) I would always wonder whether or not the child had a good life, whether or not they were abused, etc. I would never be comfortable not knowing if my own child had a good life or not.

Now, would I donate to a loved one? Yes, I could do that. But not to a stranger.

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Hmm, yeah, never thought about the adoption thing.
But, still, I figure if these women really want to give birth to children, children that at least have their S.O.‘s DNA, and I have these eggs I’m not using, I might as well.

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I would. I’m not using them.

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@squidcake: Thanks. :) I don’t know much about my biological father but the fact that he would do that for a complete stranger makes me proud to share his genes.

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I would have considered it. I know a young woman who has done it twice. I think helping a couple have a child is a wonderful thing.

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I would do it once I was done having children of my own.

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I’m with @Seaofclouds though I would be apprehensive about the hormones injected into me because I know that my body is sensitive to hormonal fluctuations and I’d probably get worse in terms of depression and panic attacks.

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I had considered this when in college but then learned I’d be required to take a horde of hormones to produce more than the natural amount of eggs my would otherwise, no thanks. Aside from that I did once offer to carry a fertilised egg for a sister-in-law who had endometriosis and would have done the same for a few friends if they had needed.

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I would hate the hormones. I hate even taking birth control pills, I imagine injections that make you ovulate are even worse.
It would depend on how much money I’d be compensated.

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No, I would never do such a thing.

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I would do it for free, without a doubt. Having a child was the most wonderful experience of our lives, and I would gladly spread the love. If you’ve ever suffered fertility troubles, or known anyone who has, you might tend to agree with me.

I would not do it for money.

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I admire any women who feel they could help out another woman or couple.
I think the compensation is ethically problematic for making a donation. I can see covering expenses, lost income and so on.

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I couldn’t do it, no matter what the compensation.

It’s a painful experience – a lot of injections, tests, the invasive procedures… I’m not so much a fan of modern medicine, or of putting foreign and synthetic substances into my body. I’ve already had a bad experience birthing my own child. Forcing multiple ovulations that don’t result in having a baby at the end… it’s just not worth it to me.

Besides, no one wants my DNA. On paper, I have too many random genetic flaws.

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I think I’d do it. I don’t know about compensation other than paying for the hospital or Dr. office visit. I have three really great kids. Two of them are really gifted academically, and the youngest just got into a special artistically gifted school by writing an essay, so… But then, I may not have any good eggs left, I’m kind of old and I don’t know how that works…

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i probably couldn’t bring myself to do it. i can’t really put my finger on why. thats a lot of money but @Seek_Kolinahr brings up a lot of good points. invasive procedures, injections…meh, no, probably not.

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I have two questions:
1) What is the procedure like to remove the egg?
2) Is there a way I can make reasonably sure the egg is going to someone who is a “good” person?

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@RedPowerLady Here is the procedure for egg removal.

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I’d do it if the process wasn’t so labor-intensive.

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If it were easy, I’d definitely be up for it. Hell, I’d do it for free. Given all the hassle it does involve, $25,000 sounds like very reasonable renumeration, though I’d probably have to be in a financial hard place before I did it. But you’d better believe my eggs are worth it ;)

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I could do it. Easily.

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I would happily do it. I don’t want children myself but I feel bad for those that do want children but, due to health reasons, can’t. Also, I really need the money right now!

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@Facade, that’s admirable. The good news is you don’t have to go into labour at all ~.

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@Seaofclouds Thank you.

To answer the question. After reading the process No I would not do it. Not because the process is complicated but for other reasons having to do with the process. I would support those that choose to do it though b/c I have huge amounts of empathy for those with issues of infertility.

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Nope. Knowing I made half of another kid after having a miscarriage two years ago would be too painful.

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