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Can an imac do hdmi in to allow for tv?

Asked by wallplug (6points) May 11th, 2010

i want to know if i can hook my cable box up to my imac?

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I use an eyeTV tuner to hook my cable up to my iMac. Works like a charm. I have an old iMac and I don’t think it has an hdmi connection, but the eyeTV tuner is more than sufficient.

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I think the short answer to your question is YES, it can be done. The how factor is a bit more complicated probably, and depends on a lot of different factors, such as what type of iMac you have, and from what year, and so on.

Getting some kind of TV tuner, such as @lillycoyote described is probably one good option, but again you’ll have to get one that can be plugged in to your particular breed of iMac.

There may also be some kind of cables you can get, that will effectively transfer the signal, and interface with a program of some kind on your computer.

Again, it might be a bit complicated, and I’m not an iMac pro or anything, but if you’re simply wanting to know if it can be done, then YES, it can, and some research into the how is definitely worth-while.

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Newer iMacs with mini-display ports that can do input can do this. But these are just the latest ones that are 27”.

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Yes only 27inch IMAC, if you have one.

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