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Will wide rolls of toilet paper ever make a comeback?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) May 11th, 2010

Wife and i spent the night at a casino hotel. the toilet paper there was 4 iches wide. the toilet paper we buy at the store is one-half inch narrower. so, what gives? are the consumers being “short-changed” at the supermarket with narrow toilet paper, so the casinos can have the full width? this could be a nasty situation.

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What do y’all plan on doin’ with that other half inch?

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Losing money scares the crap out of some people. They need more paper. Just a guess.

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I miss that half-inch of toilet paper. the rolls do not seem to fit as snug as they use to on the spindle. instead of rolling off in a nice, smooth fashion, they now slide back and forth and this is a problem when in the dark.

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Relax John. You just have to read. I buy toilet paper by the case and some of it is 4” and some 4.5”. Some of it is actually less than 4” and called petite rolls. I don’t think there are different sizes available so that casinos can enjoy wider TP.

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@john65pennington If this is the worst of your problems Sweetheart…let me rub your nose for good luck!

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Great, thanks @john65pennington, now I’m going to be reading the packages of TP to satisfy my curiosity. And to think I’d gone so many years just checking for double ply of some soft sort :)

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Okay, i know its a frivilous question and i get your drift. my point was for people to see that everything around us is shrinking, except the prices. remember when you could buy a decent-size candy bar for 50 cents? the candy companies stated that because of a “bad year” for sugar cane in Louisiana, they had to raise the price of each bar. well, that was many years ago and the price of a candy bar never did go back to 50 cents. and, the bars themselves have shrunk. now that i think about it, i measured my height and i am shrinking. i am now 6 ft. 4 and one half inches. i have lost one half inch in height!! what happened? i have no label to read to give me an answer.

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I hope not.I will then feel obligated to expand my horizons.

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I don’t think it’s frivolous, I one who is looking at price per lb on items so this is going to be an adventure for me. I know many things shrink over time (not prices) and one of my pet peeves is the skimming of large and extra large eggs by food processing plants so we get left with the quail sized eggs which are marked large and extra large.

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@john65pennington You actually got me to measure my toilet paper. My toilet paper roll is 4.5 inches wide. How can yours be so narrow? And what the hell kind of casino are you in where it’s more interesting to measure the toilet paper in your room than to be out gallivanting around town?

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