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How to win more pool games?

Asked by cornbird (1747points) May 12th, 2010

I have played pool and enjoyed the sport, but I have alot of trouble hitting the band shots. I also have some irritating trouble putting the ball especially when they are close to the hole. Can anyone give me some pointers especially about the band shots?

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Find a good book on pool. Get a couple of videos on technique.
And, practice practice practice.

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I’m assuming you mean bank shots, b/c I’ve never heard of band shots. I use this technique: picture the pool table being twice as wide or long (depending on which bank you are using). Aim for banking the object ball at a point on the imaginary table halfway between your object ball and the target pocket. This works really well if you can visualize it. If that isn’t clear, ask.

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@cockswain yes its the bank shots I mean. Can you explain this technique further?

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Which part of my explanation is unclear? Let’s start there.

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“Aim for banking the object ball at a point on the imaginary table halfway…” explain that further.

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OK, so picture you are banking across the middle of the table to the side pocket you are standing near. You need to figure out a point at which to aim the object ball so it will bank into that pocket. So while you are looking at the table at the far bank that you will use to bank the ball, imagine the table was now twice as wide i.e. the far bank now twice as far away. Keeping that imaginary distance in mind, now find the spot on that imaginary bank that is halfway between your object ball and the side pocket in which you want the object ball to sink. Shoot the object ball at that imaginary point, and it will bounce off the right place on the real bank and into the side pocket. Provided you pictured everything correctly and didn’t put spin on the ball.

If it still isn’t clear, just ask about which part again.

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thank you.

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