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How long do you typically date someone before becoming exclusive?

Asked by iluvyou (47points) May 12th, 2010

So lets just say you are dating someone and its going really well how long do you continue before you talk about moving forward and into something more exclusive like a relationship? I am just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are…

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It just depends on the progress of the relationship. For me, I brought it up when the timing felt right and I knew I wanted to take things to the next level. That has happened sooner in some of my relationships than it did in others.

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I am exclusive by the third date I think. I just don’t date multiple people generally, not my thing.

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My GF’s were all mine pretty quickly. I am obsessive compulsive that way and had to make sure no one was gonna infringe on my gal!

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What @Seaofclouds said. It really depends on the person and the progress of the relationship. There have been times when we became exclusive and it happened pretty fast, and there have been times where I dated them for over a month before getting to that point. I don’t have a timetable or formula, I just go by what feels right.

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ummm…How long…and you said, the relationship was going well! Personally, at my age, a longtime! For a young person, probably 6 months to a year! I’ve been dating my s/o for almost a year and half…and we have been exclusive from day one! We really hit it off and that is the rest of the story!

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I would not like dating a person who seemed interested in me but was also looking around. So, I guess that means exclusivity after the first coffee date, if there is any real interest.

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I have never been in a relationship before but for me typically I would say until I really feel that I trust the other person thats when we can get intimate:D

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It depends on the relationship. I am not exclusive even in my long-term (23 yrs) marriage. My partner and I have ground-rules and agreements and it all works very well. I don’t think I could ever be completely exclusive.

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When I was dating,it typically took me a long time to “commit” to someone.I just couldn’t get hammered enough to make that leap ;)

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I was never extremely possessive when I was dating (at least not in any creepy way) but once I felt that the prospect of dating someone else was totally unappealing and I felt that my girlfriend was in a similar head space, one or the other of us confirmed the exclusivity of the relationship without it being a complicated or stressful discussion. If one or the other was not quite certain, a little patience and respect went a long way to bridging what ever gap there was.

One we agreed to an exclusive relationship we discussed all the specifics of what that implied, to prevent misunderstandings and hurt feelings. I was and am entirely a one woman man, not matter who else I find attractive or who else might be around who would be willing sexual partners. I expected the same kind of commitment from the women with whom I was involved. In one relationship, I needed to make it clear that I expected her to be a one lover woman as she (my three children’s mother and wife of 17 years discovered her sexual attraction to women we both knew and liked. That marriage came to a sudden end at a certain point.

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I’m exclusive from hello.

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What exactly is dating?
because the meaning of the term itself is vague, answers to the question can also go almost anywheres also.

For me dating mean nothing more than chatting with one/any female I like, the time and place matter little.

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a couple dates but it really all depends. since my boyfriend and i were long distance at first aside from the strange and semi accidental way that we met in the first place, we didn’t even have one date and we didn’t need to have the conversation about being “exclusive”, i think we both just knew that we didn’t want anyone else. but in other circumstances if i met a guy i wouldn’t consider us to be exclusive until 3 or 4 dates, i guess. there are too many variables here to make a definite answer anyhow. age, goal, time in between dates, how long you’ve known each other, yada yada.

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i believe you should be exclusive when you and that person feel like you know each other enough to do that because dating is when your suppose to get to know someone and a relationship is when you know someone, but then when in a relationship is when you get to know someone on a more intimate setting

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following up on @kess‘s sensible question, what do we mean by “dating”? going for coffee? going for coffee, then going somewhere for hot sex? skipping the coffee? unanswerable question.

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Unless we’re exclusive, all I can call it is a friendship with a chance to become more. But until we talk about seeing only eachother, I’m not dating them. I don’t share hehe :P

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Three months for dating, six for what your asking. But you have to make sure you guys are on the same page and level of happiness and love.

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Before I even start. I would never even show interest in a girl unless I had been completely unattached for some time. Before my current relationship, I had been single for just over two years. I’ve always been picky though, and will only date someone if I know they’re right for me.

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Depends on the person, the relationship you two have, your feelings of this person, and if you think you are ready to become exclusive.

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My serious relationships have always gone mutually exclusive within a few months until recent. My current partner told me he wanted to be single for awhile and sleep around since he’d been coupled for so long so it was my decision to gamble on him or not and it turned out fine within 4mos. which I thought was excruciating and often questioned myself why I wanted him so assuredly.

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