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Is it possible to make carpet soft again?

Asked by Ammolite (72points) May 12th, 2010

I’m in the process of cleaning a very dirty bachelor pad, and after vacuuming a small patch of highly-trafficked carpet, I realized it is just not as soft as another area in the dining room.

Is there any way to restore softness?

It’s not like this carpet has been over-shampooed…trust me.

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professional shampooing may help…

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Your problem is that the carpet pile has been compressed and even the best cleaning will not restore its former elasticity. My Dad was in the carpet Industry for nearly 40 years and I learned quite a bit from working with him.

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Assuming Dr_Lawrence is right (sounds like it), maybe just buy a little runner to cover that walking trail. Your fluff is just gone.

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Have the sucker steam-cleaned, and if that doesn’t work, rip it up and chuck it.

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Purchase a carpet rake, steam clean and rake. It will help, but not restore to it’s original state.

Consider having the carpet re-layed in the reverse if possible.

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Douche it with lime.

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