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Does anyone have experience cleaning the CMOS-chip of his camera?

Asked by unddiefliege (115points) March 13th, 2008

I got some form of liquid on the chip – i guess it’s just a raindrop… but now i can still see circular traces of the drop on the chip!

Can i just wipe it off with or what<?

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Vacuum cleaner ONLY.

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not sure, may want to give canon a call and see what they say

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yeah, normally i’d use a vacuum-cleaner, but that won’t remove the dried waterdrop on the cmos! the next canon-store is 300km – man, i live at the arse of the world it seems ;)!

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Aiiiieee!! Don’t use a vacuum cleaner.

The replacement air has to come from somewhere, and you’ll get a ton of dust in the chamber.

Canon will tell you to send it in to be cleaned. There’s an easier/cheaper/better method: use the copperhill cleaning method:

The thing to realize is that (unless you have removed it) what you’re looking at when you stare down the maw of your DSLR is a filter—a piece of rather expensive glass with some coatings on it. As long as you use the right fluid (there are two types for different coatings) and the right tools and you are super-careful, you should have no problems.

I’ve been cleaning my sensor for about 2 years now with no ill effects.

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As far as I recall, a friend had it done by Canon. I don’t think they charged him anything.

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what unddiefliege and bpeoples said except i’d add wolf and ritz camera offer cleaning as well.

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If you don’t know what you’re doing get it professionally cleaned. Most good camera shops will offer the service and it shouldn’t cost more than $20. With the right equipment and practice(not something you want to do on your camera) its a fairly easy job. Saying that I only “dry” clean my chip using an arctic butterfly . If its really mucky and needs a wet clean then I get a pro to do it.

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