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It's 110 in the Shade. You're Thirsty. What Is Your First Drink Choice?

Asked by Aster (19265points) May 12th, 2010

You’re sweating, it’s so hot outside, you’re dying of thirst. You can have anything you want to drink, and Now! What would you want to cool that palate?

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Cold and sparkling mineral water.

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Water….what else? Oh wait, people are dumb so I shouldn’t be surprised when I see people drinking soda after a workout…...Just because soda has water in it doesn’t mean you are getting hydrated people!

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Ice cold water. Or maybe lemonade.

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A lot of ice, cold water. The most hydrating drink, and the best for you. ( :

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But ice cold water. Preferably without ice so when i go to chug it it won’t all attack my face.

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H2O (ice cold).

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Water, with some ice in it. Nothing quenches thirst like it and what else can you dump over your head if your feel like it?

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g2 blueberry pomengranite

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Water, but not ice cold. Ice cold water when you are overheated can shock your system.

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Hawaiian Punch
I’ll never forget the day when Hawaiian Punch saved me from dying of dehydration

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Filtered Ice Water.

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Story time. It was, literally, 110 in the shade that summer. Rick, my husband and I, owned a small engine sales and repair business, and we were displaying our stuff at the Fair, here in Kansas—High end lawn mowers, basically. It was four days of…hot. Sitting outside, and HOT. We were drinking water, lemonade, and especially gator aide like there was no tomorrow. Not sips, but chugging full cups and bottles about every 15 minutes. Well, the Gator Aid we picked up at the store and had in our cooler (the drinks at the fair are expensive!) Every night, after about 10:00 pm the fair “party” went into full swing, and the crowd coming in no longer consisted of farmers or home owners who would be interested in buying a mower. The crowd, for the most part, after 10, were the kids. But we stayed till midnight every night, just in case (and he did make a couple of late night sales during the week.) But on Saturday, the 2nd to last day of the fair, we ran by the liquor store during the afternoon lull, and probably amused the guy by asking what liquor went well with Gator Aide. He suggested Vodka. So we bought Vodka. Well…I emptied out about ½ of one of the blue Gator Aide bottles and mixed a half pint of vodka in it, intending to use that as our mixer, so it wouldn’t be SO obvious that we were imbibing at the fair when we opened up a new bottle of Gator Aid and drank ¼ of it before adding some other blue Gator Aide to it.
Well, about 10:30 p.m. a guy wanders by, stopped and started asking about the mowers. Rick goes into Master SalesMan Mode. So they talked a while while I was doing my thing with the Gator Aide that I had TOLD Rick I was doing. 20 minutes later Rick comes back, sits down, and I show him the “fixed” gator aide bottle with a “wink wink” kind of look, and stuck it back in the cooler.
Well, Rick grabs it out of the cooler, puts it up to his lips, and I turned away in disgust….it was like watching someone drink out of the gallon milk bottle! A few seconds later I turned back to see my husband frozen in place, his eyes wide as saucers, his mouth hanging open in shock….and the EMPTY Gator Aide Mixer Bottle clutched in his hand which had been arrested in the act of setting the thing down.
I said, “Rick!!! There was a ½ pint of Vodka in there!!!!”
When he could talk again he gasped “Oh. Yeah. I guess I kinda know that now!”
I about fell out of my chair laughing!
It was a silly night after that, especially since there was nothing else to drink so I just got to watch him! It’s a good thing he can hold his liquor, anyway. All he did was get a little goofy and silly! LOL!
Well, ya’ll. Gotta shut it down. Storms moving in. TTU’all later!

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The light purple gatorade.

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@Facade was light blue! STEP AWAY FROM THE GATOR AIDE!!!

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Water. And then an Arnold Palmer.

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Welch’s white grape peach juice

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@jaketheripper 110 in the shade…TOO much sugar. Trust me, you want 99.99 water.

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A fresh, perfectly made Mojito

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A quart of almost frozen milk in a glass bottle. does this even exist anymore?

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Scotch and soda.

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@Dr_C No no no! You’d get sick. It’s 110 in the shade!
@john65pennington I remember. Milk man delivered to our house. Put the milk bottles in a square metal box on our front porch. One time my then-three-year-old sister dropped one of the bottles, which shattered, then she stepped on it. Blood EVERYWHERE!!

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@Val123 I have family in Arizona…. i know what 110 in the shade feels like. I’ve had scotch and soda with lots of ice or ice cold beer to cool down. Both work great :)

(San Luis Arizona is HOTTT)

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Iced green tea with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint and lots of ice.

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BEER. I know that’ll make it worse, but fuck it lol.

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@Dr_C Well, if you’re talking about spending an hour or two outside then sure. Get me a Margarita! I was leaning toward spending ALL DAY outside!

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@Val123 oh hell no. When we work at the ranch (cattle drives as vacations are awesome btw) then it’s all about water, gatorade and on occasion sweetened iced tea.

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@Dr_C :) Funny what coming from two different assumptions can do!
Calling “Yooo hooo! I’m out by the pool, honey! Bring me a Margarita, would you?” AND I wanna go on a cattle drive, please.

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