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Average number of times you have sex per week?

Asked by Roughdraft76 (219points) March 13th, 2008 from iPhone

My girl wants to know…

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0–38 times – depends.

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7! I have 3-somes with my girls handgela and palmela. Oh yeah.

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Whyte…your two hands dont count.

I would actually like to see some legitimate answers to this one….

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When I have a girlfriend its like 5–25 times a week. But when there’s no girlfriend it depends. Sometimes theres no sex, sometimes like 35 times a week. depends on my appearance that week and how bad I want to get laid.

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I would say 5 times a week.

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@jiboo Ok. You’re a cocky idiot. Assuming you’re awake around 21 hours a day, (that’s a lot, but it’s an easy number to work with.) If you claim to have sex about 25 times a week that would mean you’re having sex approximately every three hours and I just don’t buy that. Maybe if you count multiple orgasms in one session as multiple times you might be able to make that point. Other than that I don’t buy it.

Note, that should be read as you start having sex every three hours.

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@Perchik: your math is off. 21hours awake per day*7days=147 hours awake. 147 hours awake /25 times having sex a week = having sex about every 6 hours.

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Mine constiantly varies from week to week, whether I have a girlfriend or not. A lot of weeks its none at all. Usually in a steady relationship, I average five-eight times a week. Sex is cool, and it feels good, but I think its a little overrated. I’m more of a cuddler anyways. ;)

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er yeah. sorry I tried to do it all in my head and it made sense there. Hmph. Still…every 6 hours

Well using different logic 25 times a week is roughly 3–4 times a day. No matter how long you’re awake that’s still a lot.

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perchik, you caught me. I’ve never really had sex. I just dream. Can’t a boy dream with his two inches of manliness? Perchik would like to be my first? You would have to be gentle though. I’m a newber

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You know. I hate sarcasm on the internet, so I interpret it as being serious. It’s a shame that you only have two inches. If I were into guys, I’d need a real man.

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depends but it ranges from 0–6

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To answer the question at issue, back when I had a girlfriend it was roughly 2 times a week, now it’s 0.

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If I am in a relationship maybe three or four times per week. Obviously it varies. Sometimes it is none and sometimes it is fifteen. It depends on work and other things.

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I have been dating my girlfriend six years and we generally have sex three times a week. Maybe more, maybe less… It varies depending on if one of us travels for work that week, etc….

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7–14 times a week, at night and in the morning if we have enough time before going to work

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I think at the beggining of a relationship it tends to be more, I know my first partner we would almost do it everyday, then it slowed downed to 3 or so times a week. I think 3–5 is a good range for this question.
i believe however in a relationship in which you live together it could be more.

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IIf you are spending any kind of time on fluther then you are most likely not getting laid.

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My girlfriend and I have never lived closer than 1.5 hours away from each other (right now we’re living six away). So we have to get it all in on the weekends we’re together. Sometimes that’s not practical since she still lives with her parents (and they don’t particularly like the fact that I’m alive).

So, about 0.76 times per week.

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To kimbo

LOL awww

being on here while getting laid just lie back and enjoy the ride

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between 1–4 times a day, depends on how stoned I am, once I get too stoned I can’t

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7–14 I have a strong marriage because were actually doing it and we’ve been married 2 years!

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Between 3 and 10 times a week, I think. Our relationship is new and we also don’t see each other every night. But, I can actually say that I think if I slept with him every night, we would probably have sex close to every night. We’ve done it just about every time we’ve hung out.

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I think the fact that you would live together could hurt the number. If you don’t live together that means the time you do spend together is going to special. It also means that you’ve been longing for it while away.

The fact that you’d be living together wouldn’t put any urgency on it and allow the times to just slip away in a procrastinated way.

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with myself or someone else.
its been so long I have a picture of my hand in my wallet.

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I agree with the “living with youre partner” , part. Before my fiancĂ© and I moved in together, we had sex quite a bit more often than we do now that we are living together. Now its 3–5 times a week, on average.

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When I’m in a relationship it’s at least once a day, whether living together or apart.

I won’t engage in casual sexual relations outside of a relationship, so when I’m single (like now) I take care of my own urges when they arise, which varies according to my mood.

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yeah well when you have been together six+ years, 3–5 times a week while living together is pretty common…

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I have sex like once a month with my girl it really does change when you live together always in the beginning its alot then it will slow down. That’s life I guess

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well… 0.16 :(

@jiboo: rofl

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My wife is about six months pregnant, so I guess it has been about six months.

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With someone else? 2–3 times a week.

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14 times a week..twice a day, sometimes, but not often 3 times a day. I live with my boyfriend. Have for a while and we still go at it like it’s a new relationship

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My husband and I have been together for 8 years, maybe being a month worth of days in that 8yrs. apart, and we still have sex 1–3 times a day every day except 4 days a month. Did I mention that we also have 4 kids? What can I say where there’s a will there’s a way!!!!!!

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for a good 7 months now. On average we have sex about 1–3 times a week. I am seriously aiming for at least 5–14 times a week though. I should of been a guy with this kind of sex drive.

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7–10 times per week, it depend on mood, free time, and her cycle.

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In our first few months, me and my husband can have 3–4 times per night till morning. Sometimes it goes along the way til 7 times. Whoa. I dont know. Hes got an awesome drive i think! But recently, it goes down to 2 – 3 times per night. He wants to do it in the evening and in the morning as we wake up or as we take a bath… we love each other so much!

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