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What are the pros & cons of having children?

Asked by Draconess25 (4448points) May 12th, 2010

Such as the basics: Paying for basic needs, arranging for childcare, etc.

And more personal reasons, such as the parent’s personality, or issues with the child.

Why would it be good or bad for you as an individual to have children?

I’ve been wondering this for some time. I don’t ever plan on having children, but I’m curious…...

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Raising kids is, at once, the most wonderful, challenging, enjoyable, frightening, frustraiting, awful, lovely, incredible, humiliating, and rewarding thing you can do.
I wish I had more, I thank the Lord I didn’t.

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The pros and cons for each of us differ. I have two children, see more in my future – they simultaneously make my life more complex and more enjoyable. I give up a lot of what I’d want to afford in order for them to have the education I want them to have and the development I want for them but it’s an invaluable investment because I want them to grow up and help the world along.

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The pros are I always wanted to be a dad and teach my kids all about the things that are really important and cool about life my dad never taught me but I discovered on my own. Plus I thought it would be cool to have other talented musicians under the same roof as me!

The cons are the have minds of their own and try to prove that beyond the pale every damn day!!

The bonus is we have a lot of fun and kids will teach you about pride, kindness and humility in a way no one else could or would ever do.

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The pros are the joys that comes from having children in our lives and watching them grow.

The cons are the sacrifices that we all have to make while raising them in terms of privacy, expenses and choices.

What most people seem to forget is that the same joys and challenges occur in non-child families.

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The cons are the responsibility… they use all your resources: time, money, sleep, energy, patience, and love (fortunately, love is an infinite resource; sadly, the others are not).

The pros are the rewards of laughter, joy, pride, and love.

From my observances of my son’s peers, I am saddened by how few patents will make a true committment to the process of parenting. I see so many kids that are over-indluged materially to keep them quiet, yet neglected emotionally. It behooves the patent to be a conscientious participant in their children’s lives. These people act as though the kids will somehow raise themselves.

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Having children can’t be thought of in terms of pros and cons. It’s not like shopping for a house or accepting a job offer. Anyone who is thinking about it in these terms would probably make a mistake to embark on parenthood.

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Raising children is hard work, often, for me, in ways I hadn’t expected. Having a child is in some ways an acute reminder of our mortality as human beings, whilst at the same time an affirmation of life.

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It would be bad for me to have children, I’d probly fck up so bad lol. To think, you are the one responsible for training them up and all that, If you screw up, you pretty much just screwed their entire life. And to add on to the fact that todays society is not so ideal to grow up in anyway, it’ll probably only get worse too…Plus, I’m just am not the type of person to “settle down” and start a family in one place, I need variety and adventure I don’t mean relationship-wise though

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I can’t really speak too well to the pros and cons as I’m particularly biased against having kids (largely because all I see are cons, many of which are listed above and I’d second them). As to why I should/shouldn’t have kids, that’s easy, shouldn’t because I’m not interested and just never saw the point.

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