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What should Genevieve do with her life (at least for April)?

Asked by LauratheRockStar (182points) February 12th, 2007
A friend of mine is going to Med school in June and is currently working at a hospital in Santa Fe (where there is nothing). She is not enjoying what she's doing now and wants to do something really awesome before she commits herself to med school for 4 years. Basically she has the month of April to do it. Things that I have suggested she do are: * Work on an organic farm and read a lot * Move to SoCal and go to beaches a lot * Move to Berkeley and work somewhere awesome * Travel in Latin America * Go on a spiritual retreat and find grounding However, I have no specifics. Does anyone have any advice or know of any specifically awesome opportunities that Genevieve could do for pretty much just the month of April? Thanks! Laura
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I would take work out of all equations and use the time for complete rest, soul-searching, re-centering - whatever you want to call it. I would suggest going away to a new location if it can be afforded - rent a house somewhere remote and quiet (not So Cal)
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go travelling. somewhere easy where you can drink the water, like costa rica.
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You can live for free on organic farms around the world if you work a few hours a day. You can find out more at (stands for willing workers on organic farms, or something like that). There is also a cool yoga retreat center in Massachussets called Kripalu where you can live for free for a few weeks if you work a few hours a day...3 organic meals a day, free classes, spa, etc. The program is called Seva, and I think their website is I had a pretty good experience there 5 years ago when I did Seva for a week.
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Kripaula is great - I live about 20 minutes from it. You have to live in a room w. 20 double-decker bunk beds unless you have lots of $$$ But nice people and pretty location. Don't have her come now. Blizzard arriving tomorrow night and Tues.
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I just had a friend go to New Orleans for a few weeks and work for Habitat for Humanity.
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There is also Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY and the Quaker Retreat, Pendlehill just outside of Philly.
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wwoof involves more than a few hours of work each day... check with the farm to find out what the work commitment is.
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There is also the Zen Center in San Fran, for a different experience. The live-ins do cooking, housekeeping, etc. Nice crowd there also. I stayed in their little guest apt a few years ago..Everyone rose at 5:30AM to meditate...thundering hooves going by my door, but fun.
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shoshoni yoga retreat in rollinsville colorado

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