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Do you currently wait tables at a resturant?

Asked by guesswho (133points) March 13th, 2008 from iPhone

I want to discuss topics or stories other servers have had. Waiting tables can be fun…. And crazy. Feedback?
fast food, movies, and buffets don’t count.

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I waited tables for several months during college. I didn’t need the money, I was just bored in the evenings and wanted something to do. I know lots of people who think military service should be mandatory. I think the same thing about waiting tables. Gave me a whole new perspective on how completely obtuse people could be towards others.

One couple came in with their toddler-aged daughter. They spent the whole meal feeding her chips and cheesy salsa. Sure enough, just before I brought the check, the little girl yakked all over the table, booth and carpet. I was genuinely concerned for her well-being, as well as trying to minimize the obvious embarrassment of both her parents. I took their money and allowed them to make a hasty exit while I cleaned up the still-warm vomit.

They tipped me about 5%.


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I’m a waiter at Applebees. Waiting tables is actually a lot more fun then people make it sound. Like yea it sucks with some people who are just assholes and don’t tip but you get to meet all different kinds of people. And yea guesswho your right craziness usually ensues. I definitely agree with poser about being a server at some point in your life mandatory. People really dont understand what it is like to wait on tables the way the treat you sometimes or dont tip.

The most annoying thing I deal with at work is people who doubt my ability. I dont write down my orders, theres no reason to if i can remember everything i would only be wasting paper if i wrote it.

One day I walked up to a table of three people took their drink orders came back took their appetizer and dinner orders and then the wife blankly stares at me and says “you didnt write that down” so i reply “yea i know but ill remember it all” so she decides i cant remember and says “oh well in that case can i also get an order of boneless buffalo wings half with classic sauce half with honey bbq and a side of ranch, i’d also like to add a house salad with no onions extra cucumbers and some ranch and italian dressing. And i changed my mind on my dinner i want chicken fajitas roll up with extra lettuce.” I smile at her and ask if she would like anything else. She says no so I leave. When i brought out the food I sarcastically said to her, “so how about that memory” She didnt say anything to me the rest of their meal. She had ordered entirely too much food for herself and had to have a lot of it wrapped. Surprisingly they left me a 30% tip ^_^

If you’ve ever seen the movie waiting, as sad as it is to say, thats pretty much exactly what your life is like as a server.

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@uberbatman—I worked at Applebee’s too. And, for the most part, it was a lot of fun. But it was one of the toughest jobs I’ve had. Of course, I have the memory of a senile goldfish, so I had to write everything down.

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@guesswho—I seem to be writing @ you a great deal this evening..

This guy writes a great blog. He has a real good sense of people and he has great insights and powers of observation. He also has a book coming out later in the year.

And this young woman wrote a book about waitressing at a top restaurant in New York City.. Service Included by Phoebe Damrosch. Great read, she got great reviews, the book was published within the last three or four months.

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@Poser, really? You thought that was a hard job? The only other job I’ve ever had was being a cook this job is pretty much a cake walk compared to that.

One more thing I forgot to add that i noticed today at work. If you dont have great reflexs before becoming a server, you will in no time. You are constantly dodging people all day and catching things. Unfortunately as it seems to go, you can make the most amazing catch in the world, but no one ever sees it. : (

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I have to admit my best table ever was a group of nine Japanese businessmen. They didn’t speak much English at all, so I managed to sell 9 fajita meals (Mexican restaurant, and I offered to let them share but each wanted his own)... And they ordered at least 3 rounds of drinks from the bar and tipped me nicely since I knew a little Japanese!


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@uberbatman—Yeah, but I’m a bit on the lazy side, so…

Plus I don’t have a lot of patience for people who are inconsiderate, and I seemed to run into a lot of those at Applebee’s.

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