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How do you like to make or eat apple pie?

Asked by janbb (57756points) May 13th, 2010

The great raspberry apple pie I made yesterday left me pondering apple pie. We Americans consider it our own, but there are also great English apple pies (thank you, MIL), French tartes aux pommes, etc. Even in the States, there are many ways to make and serve apple pie. With or without ice cream, cheddar cheese, custard? How do you make it, serve it or like to eat it?

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I don’t make pies all that often….I leave that to the experts and I eat pie with an oar.

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My wife makes the worlds best Apple Pie! Lots of apple pie seasoning.
I love it warm, a la mode.

Okay, this might cause me to lose some credibility, but you know who has really good apple pie? McDonalds. Those damn things are insanely good.

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@filmfann Haven’t had one in a while, but I did use to love them.

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Dutch apple flan is delicious. I always use bramley apples. They are very tart, but the end product is really lovely. Here is a recipe similar to the one I use:-

I serve my pie hot with custard or cold with whipped double cream. Yummeee

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I usually pick it off the face of people who disagree with me ;))
I love apple pie,but don’t make it:)

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I just follow the recipe straight out of “The Joy of Cooking”, served with a big scoop of Hagen-Dasz vanilla ice cream.

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I’ve never had much luck with baking apple pie. :( It’s my baking nemesis. My attempts at baking an apple pie from scratch (not using canned filling) have been so “blah” that I usually buy a frozen apple pie, bake it according to the directions, and serve it warm with a scoop of either homemade cinnamon ice cream or Breyer’s Vanilla Bean ice cream.

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I’ve always preferred apple crumble myself.

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Like @partyparty, I also love Dutch apple tart. I made it once, using this recipe and although it was great, it’s not as good as eating it sat in the street, when someone else has made it for you, outside a cafe in Amsterdam, with a decent coffee.Yum.

My favourite apple-related pudding is apple crumble, which I make fairly regularly – it’s so easy and inexpensive, and requires hardly any ingredients, which are nearly always present in my kitchen! I also really love Devon apple cake (or Somerset, Dorset, etc… the counties fight over who “owns” the recipe!). Served with clotted cream, it’s absolutely delicious. Tarte tatin is pretty delicious too… gosh I’m hungry now!

@filmfann, what is apple pie seasoning? I don’t think we have that here, and I’m curious!

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I always embellish the recipe. I use my own crust as I have a really light hand with pastry, Granny Smith apples peeled and sliced thin. I layer apples, then butter and a mix made of white and brown sugar, flour, and spices, then apples, then the mix and butter, apples, mix and butter, then a top crust with six ovals cut out and placed back on in a flower shape. Then I brush with an egg mixture and sprinkle more white sugar.
bake and serve hot or warmed up.

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I’ve always been more of a fan of Irish Apple Cake, but for good’ole apple pie I’ll use store bought or fresh picked fuji apples seasoned with a little clove or nutmeg, I go for an extra flakey crust using lard and flax, and a lattice or, every now and then, crumble top. If I’ve got time I’ll serve it with a scoop each of homemade brown sugar and french vanilla ice creams. For eating, we usually give half of it away so neither of us feels so bad when the whole thing is gone 48 hours later.

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I like my apple pie to have very tender, almost melting apples and a crumb top crust.

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Well this is imho the best way of making apple pie…

1. Sit on couch and watch favorite sport (for me MMA)
2. Ask wife if apple pie is ready (repeat to desired result)
3. When ready get a plate with a piece of apple pie and proceed with mastication

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With a flaky crust, the filling a mix of Fuji and Northern Spy, either with a slice of Ilchester or a healthy dollop of vanilla ice cream.


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My pie crust, because I like a good flaky crust, and then a mix of Granny Smith and Macintosh apples. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves with the sugar that goes on the apples. Dots of butter on the top before the top crust goes on. Then, lightly brush the top with egg white wash and sprinkle sugar on top. If I’m feeling decadent, I will make a crumb crust for the top with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and oatmeal.

As for accompaniments, coffee or a glass of riesling.

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i am a purist. there are only a few kinds of apples i will use—either Braeburn or Pink Lady. I always thought Pink Lady were the best but 1. they aren’t always available and 2. i used Braeburn last time and it was phenomenal. I guess it all depends! Anyhow, only a little bit of cinnamon, and not too goopy and gel-y inside. That’s gross. And I hate the apples hard. They need to be softer. I almost prefer them on the mushy side. And it’s served best at room temperature, OR COLD, with 2 scoops of classic vanilla. Actually I think pie gets better with age, so day 3 or 4 (if I can save a piece or 2 that long) is usually when it’s the tastiest.

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@deni – Thank you for saying that! I hate it when apple pie is goopy or gel-like inside. Yecch!

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@tedibear ick, me too. and a lot of diners and restaurants use really hard apples and then what, think they’re making up for it by putting 10 pounds of gel crap inside? it’s so unpleasant!

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I don’t make pie because I don’t see any reason to spoil the healthy value of a fresh apple by adding high calorie crust and sugar sauce to it. If I want my apple ‘enhanced’ I just sprinkle a little cinnamon on it and place it in the microwave for 10 or 15 seconds.

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@YARNLADY well you can have a healthy apple for breakfast and a not so healthy but infinitely tastier version of the apple for dessert :) of course the taste factor is just opinion, but cmon…apple pie is sooo good.

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@deni My problem is I don’t like sugar, so I just eat the apple part, with cinnamon, maybe ginger, and sometimes with cream.

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i just took one out of the oven. i must say that nothing compares to this smell

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