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Does anyone know any home remedies to relieve stomach cramping after vomiting?

Asked by bongo (4302points) May 13th, 2010

I have been up all night vomiting, I seem to have stopped now as long as I dont eat anything however I have very bad stomach cramps now and have tons of revision to do today so can not stay in bed relaxing. I have nothing in my stomach apart from water and so can not take any pain killers as this bothers my stomach. I also do not have a hot water bottle and cant make it into town. does anyone have any home remedies to relieve my stomach cramps or am I just going to have to sit this one through while trying to revise?

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Peppermint tea and if you can get it Valerian root will calm it down very effectively. Nasty tasting but works very well.

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Ginger is very good as an antiemetic. It might settle your stomach.

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I have peppermint tea and ginger however no valarian root, will try them both, cheers.

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Don’t eat or drink anything for another few hours and it should go away on its on. People make the mistake of constantly trying to hydrate, even though within 15 minutes of taking in anything they are puking again. Adults do not dehydrate to a point of danger in 12 hours, and 24 hour flus typically are less than 24 hours anyway. You said it seems the worst is over, so just give your body and digestive system a rest and you should recover within a day. If you do continue to throw up for more than 24 hours you might want to go to the doctor.

Note: this advice is not for babies or very young children who have a much more severe risk of dehydrating to dangerous levels. They too should not be force fed liquids while in the worst part of a 24 hour flu, but might need medical attention and an IV to hydrate.

I am not a doctor this is just my experience with the 24 hour flu.

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I should have mentioned if you are feeling hungry ( a good sign) and it has been already a good 5 or 6 hours since the last time you threw up, have some water and crackers, wait an hour and if everything seems ok, have some more food. Stay with very benign foods like soup broth and bread for today.

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@bongo I second peppermint tea and ginger tea.

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If you want something warm
& can’t get a hot water bottle, you can:

Dampen a towel just a little & warm it in the microwave (30 seconds or so.)

Fill something with long-cooking rice. Put it in the microwave. Set a cup with a little water in it in there too. Microwave 30 seconds at a time until warm. (You can do this with a tube sock too when you need a heating pad for a sore neck too.)

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Along with the excellent advice of @netgrrl you could try an electric heating pad.

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Ginger tea works wonders for all sorts of stomach issues. If you have ginger root in the house, you can simply slice up some and steep that for the most potent tea.

I had a bout of E. coli and drank 2–3 mugs of ginger tea a day. I was always amazed at how much better I felt after drinking it.

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Do you feel better now that some time has past?

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Yes I feel much better now, thanks so much for the tips!

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