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How often do you clean and why?

Asked by meggymoo (139points) May 13th, 2010

I try to clean at least every week. If I lived alone then I probably wouldn’t, but I like to keep a nice home for my man.

I was wondering hoe often you all cleaned your home and for what reasons?

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Once a week everything gets done.
Mini-disaster clean ups as they happen.Except my studio area…it is not goooood..I do like to be organized.

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@lucillelucillelucille So what do you do during the week?

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Once a week…

and why, do not like a dirty house, dirty car, dirty clothes, dirty finger nails, dirty sex loll, and a dirty mouth! Oh, and a dirty body! (without saying i guess)

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@BoBo1946 Good for you, nice to see a clean man.

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Once a week, but it’s a daily process. We’d rather it be clean than messy, and we’ve found it just easier than letting things pile up and having to do it all at once.

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I’m a tidy person but have relaxed my standards a lot the last 6–7 years.

Did the ‘little women’ trip for years in my marriage and now that I am 7 years divorced and my daughter is on her own, if I have a choice between dusting and getting out in the sunshine, the dust can wait.

I clean about once a week and have the Merry Maids team every few months….a great arrangemet, because, I’m worth it! lol

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I feel like I clean constantly, which you’d never guess if you walked into my house right now! With three kids, there are always messes. The kitchen is cleaned up as I go alone, except for the papers and mail that pile up at one end of the counter. One bathroom (the one my little boys use, with their bad aim) is quick-cleaned daily and thoroughly cleaned once a week. Our bathroom gets a good once-over at least once a week. I just the living room, sweep and vacuum the rug, once a week, but have to tidy it daily. Well, I have to make the kids tidy it daily, since it’s their crap that clutters it all up.

Mopping is the one thing I always put off for as long as I can. I hate to do it because the floors get dirty again so fast, with five of us in and out all of the time. I also never seem to get around to dusting our bedroom, so that get’s thick after a while, and the office is always cluttered. The kids are in charge of cleaning their own rooms, so two of them are almost always a disaster. My 6 year old actually prefers his room to be neat, and I’m not sure where he got that habit from.

Laundry, I should do a load every day, but I don’t. It tends to pile up, and once the hampers start to overflow I go crazy and get it all washed and put away. Then, for a while I’ll be better about keeping up with it. At least my kids are old enough now to put their own clean laundry away.

Sometimes I miss the days when I worked full-time. I’d clean the whole house over the weekend, and because we weren’t home all day messing it up, it stayed pretty decent all week. Now, I can go crazy cleaning the main areas of the house and by the next day they look like a wreck again. :(

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@MissAusten You just described our household. There’s always something to do each day. Laundry, dishes, picking up clutter. With my husband working at a ranch and having two large dogs at home, they are always tracking in some kind of mess, so I must vacuum daily.

I have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time, so I don’t mind the work.

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I hate spending a whole day cleaning, so I try to keep things clean as I go. This may seem like a good thing, but I take twice as long as most making mac’n’cheese which gets annoying sometimes.

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I have a husband-and-wife team come in every other week to do the heavy stuff. I generally spent at least an hour daily doing the small stuff (kitchen, laundry, watering plants, and let us not forget Milo’s hygiene.)

On the day my couple comes, I spend an hour cleaning up so that they can clean.

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As the mood strikes me. Usually I put it off as long as possible. That’s why I have 14 sets of underwear. Frequently, I clean to avoid something I want to put off more than cleaning. Sometimes I clean to order my thinking. [yes, I live alone]

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I do it , a little bit daily, so it won’t get too bad. And besides, I like to keep a nice home for my MAN.
NOT. I do it to keep my sanity.

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Never, because I don’t give a shit. Besides, it removes the protective coating.

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I clean daily. Load the dishwasher, the washing machine, hoover, dust etc (oh and brush the dogs).
I totally blitz the house about once a month, clearing out cupboards etc.

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The home is never clean. As soon as we do clean (which happens when the dust bunnies are giving the cats a run for their money or the infant spilled something again or the toddler squashed a bug) it gets dirty again.

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Bathroom – once a week.
Dusting and vacuuming – usually every two weeks.
Kitchen – once a week or more if needed.

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i clean things when they need cleaned. if i see the tub needs scrubbed then i’ll do it. that’s mostly how i approach every cleaning situation. except dishes. i do them as i make them. i can’t stand a pile of crusty dishes so i never let it happen.

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it depends on a lot of things. i tidy up daily and do dishes/clean kitchen after dinner nightly. depending on what cat litter i am using, sometimes i have to vacuum every day, but lately, i have discovered a way to keep the cat litter near the box (thank you fluther) so i don’t have to vacuum as frequently. litter box gets cleaned at least once a day, sometimes twice. i do heavy heavy cleaning (moving bed, stuff in kitchen, etc…) about once a month. but bathroom and good once over in the kitchen and main room weekly (or weekly and a halfish, depends on if i’m away on the weekends…) for sure.

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@jonsblond I like to think that by not keeping the house immaculate, I am helping my children develop strong immune systems.

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@MissAusten Still want to move in with you.

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@janbb I have chocolate cake and a fresh pot of coffee. Come on over!

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I am so there!

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Either I clean or the cleaner is in everyday. A cluttered dirty environment makes me feel uncomfortable; I also can’t find things in clutter.

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I clean a little bit every day. Many things get left to a point where they have to be done, such as vacumming – about once a month. I clean the sink and kitchen counters every day, the kitchen floor every time somebody spills something. The bathroom fixtures get cleaned once or twice a week, and the floors once a month or so.

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I do a little bit each day. Laundry gets done as soon as I have enough for a full load of clothes. Dishes get done as I go. Kitchen gets cleaned as I go, swept as needed, and mopped once a week. Bathrooms get cleaned as needed (and with a little boy, that’s more than once a week) and gets a thorough cleaning once a week. Carpets get vacuumed at least once a week, but usually more often than that.

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