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Which Android phone should I get?

Asked by gsiener (410points) May 13th, 2010

I’m moving back to the US and need to start a new plan. I’m leaning towards Android (though I do have an iPhone 3G). Seems like T-Mobile has the best options but I’m tempted by what’s coming on Verizon. What are the hot new Android phones coming soon?

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The good folks over at the Boy Genius Report seemed to like what they saw at Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G unveiling.

On Verizon, they’re taking pre-orders for the LG Ally starting today.

Personally, I find the selection of Android phones, which ones are running which version of the OS, which ones use which UI, and the number of different form factors to be incredibly confusing… and that’s before you even get into service plans. I expect the announcement of a Droid Perplex or Dell Confounded any day now.

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I really Love my Nexus, but the newer hard ware version of the Droid came out for Verizon.

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I am definitely agreeing with robmandu. I have seen an EVO from a tester and it is an amazing phone.

The issue is more does the service work for you. I love the IPhone but it does not work in my house making it useless to me. T-Mobile doesnt work either. Verizons plans are way too expensive. So I am stuck with my Pre until I get my upgrade in late June….after that it will definitely be the EVO.

Most companies will give you a 30 day trial. Just make sure the phone works where you need it to. All of the cool features are useless with no service.

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At this point the best Android phone on the market is the HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon. Runners up would be the Motorola Droid, Nexus One, HTC Evo 4g, and I’ll throw the LG Ally and Motorola Cliq in there for qwerty lovers.

My personal suggestion is to go with something made by HTC.

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woot HTC rules!

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If you don’t necessarily want the top of line I would suggest the HTC Hero. There are a few different versions of it on several carriers. (also note its called the Droid Eris on Verizon)

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i have the motorola droid for verizon and it’s the SHIT. i haven’t had one complaint since november. i really really love it. and i get really good service everywhere.

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Droid Incredible on Verzion
HTC EVO on Sprint
Nexus One on T-Mobile
A Brick on AT&T (Cause no matter what you get it won’t function anyway)

All of those feature a Snapdragon CPU, which is the fastest available for phone, and are the top of the line. The oldest one is the Nexus One, I would recommend either the Incredible or EVO, you should absolutely not even think of anything else. Anyone buying a phone without a Snapdragon right now is a fool.

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Personally, I would say the Incredible. Then again, I prefer “candy bar” phones, and have no need/desire for a QWERTY keyboard, especially if it means a hinge or slider that can break or wear out.

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Nexus! But any of HTCs Android might be tempting.

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The WSJ reports that Google will stop selling the much (over?) hyped Nexus One phone online due to disappointing sales.

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Actually, if Apple has their way then you can forget about any of the HTC phones. Then again, if HTC’s counter goes through, forget about iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch. The reason I bring this up is that the current patent battle between HTC and Apple may spill over to all other non-Apple phones including and especially anything with the Android OS.

What that spells for the smartphone market is anyone’s guess, but there is a slim possibility that Apple will triumph here, continue it’s assault on Google, and become the only smartphone allowed to be sold in the US, making Androids effectively useless.

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@jerv Man, you are smoking some crazy shit. First of all, this lawsuit is gonna be ongoing for the next 5–10 years and in the end will probably just be settled like all the other cases of this nature. Second, android is only ONE os, did you forget about windows mobile 7, web os, symbian, and potentially meego? On top of ALL that, Apple sued HTC cause they’re a new company, they wouldn’t dream of suing Google, they’d be batshit crazy. Google could probably shut down half of OSX with their patents. Sometimes you gotta take the red pill (or blue? I forget). Either way, this lawsuit doesn’t effect anyone buying a phone for at least 5+ years. Which means he’ll be through at least 3 handsets.

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@InspecterJones I’d like to think so, but the world is too crazy for me to make the type of assumptions you have.

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@jerv It’s not an assumption, its how the legal world works. Only time will tell, but its certainly not gonna tell anything for many many many years.

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I am with @InspectorJones on this. But did you said that HTC is new? You meant they are small?

Apple is more to Android than to HTC, as you guys would have seen; and Android is the second widely used smart-phone OS. Moreover Android is Apache/GPL licensed, so assuming Apple wins the lawsuit, Android per se will continue to evolve after those infringements are removed though it will be a huge dent to Android: making smartphone makers think well before opting for it.

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@tuxuday They were only founded in 1997 and they were basically an OEM for a long time, it wasn’t until just a few years ago that they started making themselves a brand. Hell, only geeks even respond to someone mentioning “HTC”.

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@InspecterJones Geeks are also the only ones who respond to GPL… or even read licensing agreements at all for that matter

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