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How can I find an actual data entry job online?

Asked by anietfeld (37points) May 13th, 2010

I have a part time job, but I am looking for an online job as well. Everything I find seems like a scam or is asking me to pay for the membership. I just want a simple, scam free site that will allow me to work on my own time. Any ideas? Thanks :)

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Offhand I don’t… But there are a few good “Home Based Agent” programs out there that are legit. They do require you to take calls from home. Most are customer service, but some also taking orders or sales. Most let you choose your own hours and do require you to be available 15 hours per week. Of course, when you first get started, you are at the bottom in choosing hours. Pay… $8 to $12 hour.. Most have incentives that can make the amount much higher. Hope that helps

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None of them was legit, speaking of experiences I had been involved in these kind of typing jobs and really, believe me it’s just waste your time. Most of them are just covered by the word “typing jobs” but actually you will do “Captcha typing job”, you will be paid only $1 per 1000 entries and to create 1000 entries you need several hours.

The only legit data entry job is going into freelancing portal such as Elance or Odesk, apply for an typing job from verified clients, and you’ll be paid.

Another legit way to earn money from internet is to selling something, become a seller is a right way to start a small business. First, start with selling on Ebay or Amazon. Here for some tips of successful selling on Ebay

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