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Have you ever felt this feeling?

Asked by rere (93points) May 13th, 2010

Have you ever felt that you love somebody but this person doesn’t love you,I love a guy but he doesn’t love and trhis makes me feel miserable ,the problem is that I love him so much and I can’t stop thinking about him,moreover I meet him alot and I have to meet him.So please tell me if you have ever felt this feeling and what should I do?

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Welcome to life lol….....You eventually grow up and get over it. Only time can heal that wound for you.

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Many times in my youth. The best thing is to move on. No point in flogging that monkey. Someone else will come along who will reciprocate your love.

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It’s the hormones talking, kid. Find someone else who will listen to them. Almost everyone has felt like that in the first flush of maturity.

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Yeah, I’ve felt this feeling. I fell in love with a guy the summer before grade 10, and I basically loved him until I graduated from High School. I went out with other people, forgot him for awhile, but that never lasted long: I always came back to loving him! He didn’t love me. It made me miserable, too. The only thing to do about it is try to think about other things and let time work its magic.

I disagree with the others that this is a maturity thing, something you’ll grow out of, or just to do with hormones. This can happen to anyone at any age.

Either way, you will get over it, eventually. It’s like when you get an itch in a ‘private area’ when you’re in public: you can’t scratch it, and focusing on it is intolerable, so you just have to force your mind onto other things, and eventually you’ll have forgotten all about it.

My last piece of advice is not to do anything out of desperation, because you’ll only make a fool out of yourself. Consider confiding in a friend – having someone to talk to will make it easier to stave off desperate acts.

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That is how it is with me and Pamela Anderson.

She loves me. I don’t love her.

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Like me and Jeruba.

* sigh *

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Yes, I felt that way many times as a teenager. Since I was incapable of making social contact (Aspergers Syndrome), I had to learn to live without love. I trained myself to ignore girls, if you don’t pay attention to them it’s difficult to develop a crush. It’s difficult to avoid the hormonal rages, but I compensated somewhat by throwing myself into intense individual activities; cross-country running and skiing, target shooting, motorcycle racing, martial arts, etc. I kept myself so busy that I didn’t have time for peers, girls or depression. I think most people assumed I was gay and left me alone

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Every time you see him, remember the pain. Start looking at other guys the way you look at him.

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I feel that way right now.But instead of revolving your life around him.Look at your life.Try to spend a day NOT thinking about him.There are many ways to go at this kind of feelig, but this is my answer.

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@ChazMaz how did you know that she loves you ? and if she told you that she loves you what was your reaction then?

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No one gets out of high school without experiencing this. Get your mind on something else and avoid being around the guy. It will pass.

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@rere – After seeing her infamous video. I lost that loving feeling.

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@perspicacious It can be done, but it comes at the high cost of cutting yourself off socially. Been there, done that.

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When you are ready to stop feeling miserable, shift your focus to your friends and other guys. How much more misery do you want to force yourself to endure? Be smart and more on.

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@ChazMaz then you used to love her but if you losed your love to her this means that you didn’t even love her before , maybe you just liked her

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