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Have you had a moment like this?

Asked by filmfann (44460points) May 13th, 2010

Awful day at work. Very stressful.
I finished, and got back in my van to go home, and turned on the radio, and The GoGo’s “Our Lips Are Sealed” came on.
In no time, I have the radio blaring, I am singing my lungs out, and the stress of the day is gone!
What song can totally change your mood, and cause all the cares to disappear?

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Celebrate by Kool and the Gang

When I’m 64— The Beatles
Love the percussion sound effects !

Dancin’ in the Streets

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Sure anything hard loud and driving.

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The first one that comes to mind is Been Caught Stealing by Jane’s Addiction – the bass riff just grooves and instantly puts a smile on my face.

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King Of The World or Fuck Like A Star or My Leftovers—Porcelain & The Tramps.

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Bob Segar “Just take those records off the shelf”.
Don McLean “American Pie”
Bob Denver “Almost Heaven, West Virginia”

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Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Relax

(I used to love seeing people singing it who had no idea what the lyrics meant.)

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Touch of Grey Grateful dead

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It’s always a surprise, but something corny like “Rock Me, Amadeus” would be a likely culprit.

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Confusion by New Order (Fac 93, straight up, not that crappy remix on Substance)

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Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
Most anything by The Shins
Thunder Road; Badlands; Atlantic City from The Boss
Mark Knopfler
Pachlebel’s Canon in D
Intervention by Arcade Fire
Iron and Wine
Stan Rogers

When I’m hitting the road after a day like that I’m just hoping that the iPod has a charge.

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Music is a poweful weapon. its used for love songs and its used to make us feel great. music plays on our emotions, whether its good or bad.

Roll Over Beethoven will make you forget everything. get into it.

Roll Over Beethoven, Electric Light Orchestra. turn it up boogie down.

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@CyanoticWasp: I second “almost anything by the Shins”!
My previous car had iPod/iPhone integration, and it was fun to set it to shuffle and see what turned up! Sadly, I don’t have my iPod hooked up in my current vehicle… I have to figure out a way to get it to work.

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TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS john denver…...because that song makes me sad and happy and want to sing so loud all at once.

oh and “hello mary lou, goodbye heart”...not sure who does the original but CCR has a good version of it

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Destiny by Zero7
Lebanese Blonde by Thievery Corporation
Let Go by Frou Frou
Just Breathe by Telepopmusik
Paris is Burning by Ladyhawke

Stuff of that nature.

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Walkin’ on Sunshine….whoa ooooo, and don’t it feel GOOD! ( Bangles? )

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i forgot: lately, anything Sly and the Family Stone. I’m in looove.

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@Coloma the unfortunately titled “Katrina and the Waves”

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Anything by “The Flaming Lips” cheers me up instantly, even if the song is inherently depressing, I just can’t help smiling from the happy sound of the music :)

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I have an absolute block with so many artists. Love music can’t remember band names worth a damn. Yeah that ones forgettable for sure! lol

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The original of “Hello Mary Lou” was The Everly Brothers, believe it or not.

Talk about a blast from the past.

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No one on earth could feel like thiiiis, I’m thrown and overblown with bliiiss,
there must be angel, playing with my heart (Eurythmics).

She said oozing love, is like a window in your heart, everybody sees you’re blown apart, everybody feels the wind blow
I’m going to Graceland (Paul Simon)

Glorydays (Brucey baby) check out this hot video!

You got the love (The Source feat Candi Staton) it’s the one in the final episode of SATC.

God is a D.J. (Faithless) I’ll pray to that.

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Patti LaBelle, New Attitude

I’m feelin’ good from my head to my shoes
Know where I’m goin’ and I know what to do
I tidied up my point of view
I got a new attitude

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Oh no! I can’t believe I have to correct my own dang self.

Hello Mary Lou was originally a hit for none other than Ozzie and Harriet’s boy, Ricky Nelson.

But in fairness to my aging memory cells, they had very similar style voices and had other songs of the era in common such as Bye Bye Love, etc.

YouTube saves the day again. Love those old songs !

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Benny Hill theme tune does it for me. Works as a good narrative when tracking down cyclists & old go slow fellow motorists.A tonic, a real pick me up.

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Yackity Sax, eh, @ucme? I’ll see your Yackity Sax and raise you the 1970 theme from The Goodies.

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@aprilsimnel Yum Yum sounds goodie to me.Re your previous answer, You just can’t believe me when I tell you what you mean to me.The 12 inch was / is a classic.Confused? You will be ;¬}

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I love the new Greenday CD 21 guns

Man, I can sing that song really well, of course we all can sing really well in the car and the shower! lol

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Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin, With Arms Wide Open – Creed, Higher – Creed, The Bongo Song – Safri Duo

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Oooh…I love that Creed song. My daughter has downloaded about 80,000 songs on my laptop, putting on Creed now! Thanks for that little brain jog!

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Satanic Mantra or Her Ghost in the Fog from Cradle of Filth usually do a lot to chase away the day’s bullshit.

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And anything by Lordi, Avenged Sevenfold, Flogging Molly, Breaking Benjamin, Escape The Fate, & Dream Theater.

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@filmfann I know exactly what you mean – but I can’t think of a specific song – it’s more like sometimes the right song comes on at the exact right moment. I think it’s psychological. Your mind makes that song the right song for that moment of need.

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I am so out of this loop. I remember when bands had normal sounding names like the Talking Heads and Flaming Lips.~

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@Zen_Again Perfect answer. I totally agree with that. And that song at the right time can actually take you back in time to a certain place and you can actually be there again.

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@Zen_Again and @chyna Exactly right! The GoGo’s tune wouldn’t work every time I have a stressful day, but it worked beautifully at that moment. The Talking Heads’ “Girlfriend Is Better” is another great song for that Calgone moment.

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What on earth is a “Calgone moment” ?

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Calgon water softener, to go have a lovely bath.

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Well, that is different from “Calgone” isn’t it now ?

Sorry, I just take things way too literally sometimes :)

I guess that comes from spending too much time in General. Now that the mobile version no longer allows switching to anything else, it’s a little hard to avoid.

It really is a totally different mindset.

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Sorry, it’s probably Calgon. I am refering to the bath oil beads that are supposed to take away stress.

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Funny (in an ironic way), because now so many are stressed about oil beads.

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That’s ok. With all the weird names for bands these days, one called Calgone Moment is certainly not inconceivable.

After ones like Vampire Weekend or My Morning Jacket, Calgone Moment sounds like a distinct possibility.

Now watch somebody reading this thread go and choose that as the name for their new band just forming~ :D

And the Grammy Award for best new creative band name goes to…...

…dramatic pause…

…Calgone Moment…

…thunderous applause…

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@Buttonstc Want weird band names?

Deadboy And The Elephant Men.
Y’all So Stupid.
The Butthole Surfers.
Admit You’re Shit.
The Sleeping (how’re they performing, then?)

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Ha ha. You make the point much better than I. After reading those, Calgone Moment seems positively benign and eminently doable.

Butthole Surfers is the only one of those I’ve ever heard of but can’t really say I’m a fan.

Real musical SKILL is getting harder to find amidst a sea of loud noise.

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I used to work with a guy who was in the punk rock band The New Crusty Nostrils

it’s funny if you remember the group The New Christy Minstrels

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@Buttonstc Now, that’s a matter of opinion. There are very few bands I don’t like. Paramore, the Jonas Brothers, etc.

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You’re right. It is a matter of opinion and thats mine and I’m sticking to it :)

Notice I didn’t say that none of them have any skill. It’s just getting harder to find amidst all the crap.

But everyone’s taste is different.

And even tho many many people are very critical of the Jonas Bros. (can’t understand why) I really like them because they do have genuine talent and SKILL. They write their own songs and have been practicing and playing instruments for years. I can respect that.

It’s certainly not their fault that they’re also cute and tons of teenage girls have crushes on them. That seems to be part of what inspires a lot of the criticism.

Well, the same was true for the Beatles back in their younger days (and George is still majorly cute with his little chipmunk cheeks) but they had the talent and skill to back it up with.

I’m not saying that the JBs are on the same level as The Beatles, but they definitely have both natural talent and the skill which comes from working hard at it.

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@Buttonstc Ah, ver different opinion about that! But not everyone can agree with me.

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@zenele Good choice.

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Oh nooo! Following the Supremes? That was just schlock. No one could touch Diana Ross on that song. He had jumped the shark by the time that came out. Now this was classic Collins

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@SeventhSense That is my all time favorite Phil Collins song. The music is the background on my answering machine.

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@chyna I prefer this. @zenele Check out how clear and true his voice is, even live.

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Homeward bound – Simon & Garfunkel
Anything by Mark Knopfler

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Rereading this thread, I am reminded of an incident, years ago, when I was driving across the Bay Bridge, or actually stopped. I had an old 1967 Malibu, which had several problems, including a faulty starter, which drained the battery if it was started while the engine was hot, and a terrible cooling system.
What happened was a Newspaper truck crashed, and dropped newspaper bundles all over the bridge. Every lane was blocked, either by truck or stacks of newspapers. It took 2 hours to clear, and I was sitting on the bridge, unable to shut off my car, yet watching the temperature gauge crawling up. I was sure I was gonna lunch the engine, when the road finally cleared. At that moment the Stray Cats song “Rock this Town” came on, and I was screaming with joy, finally going fast enough to cool the engine. Good times.

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When I’m in a car, and “Solsbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel happens comes on the radio, I always sing it full voice. It’s such a “moving on” song.

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Yes that’s uplifting.
And of course like all great songs it was written for me personally.~

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