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What's the best color to paint a room with a slanted ceiling?

Asked by SeventhSense (18874points) May 13th, 2010

I just got a new place and it’s great but I need to paint the upper floor. It has a fairly high ceiling at its peak of 9 feet but the color is an ugly brown not unlike the Fluther color. I’m thinking of a nice warm off white from floor to ceiling with no break between colors to just open up the space. Anyone have any other ideas or experience with a room with a slanted ceiling?

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beige or lite sunny yellow

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Same as the wall, so as not to emphasize it, and as simple as can be.

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Don’t like the browns. Yellow could be a little much.
Yes the rust
I agree

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Either that or paint it sky blue with white clouds and a yellow sun peaking out of the corner

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(I usually like to paint ceilings “Refrigerator White” and walls “Linen White” – I like the resulting feeling of restful light, but in the case of a slanted ceiling, maybe I would leave it all one color.)

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That might not be bad if it was done really well on a flat ceiling but I don’t want to draw the eye to the ceiling…maybe a very light blue on the more flat part. It’s actually half sharp slant and half lightly slanted almost flat. It might draw the eye towards that section.

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If youre true to your desires, youll quietly but automatically ignore color suggestions you dont like and follow suggestions you do like. I say just go for it.

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I had very high ceilings in my last house and we painted them a few shades darker than the walls, which were a shade of beige, because we wanted to bring the ceiling down so to speak. The house felt too much like a hotel Lobby with ceilings 22 feet high.

If you paint it the same color as the walls, it will probably appear a little darker anyway, so I think that is good too, it will help the ceiling be a non-issue.

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Thanks. Those sound pretty impressive. Obviously not NYC unless you’re a billionaire or a priest.
VA right?
Well thanks for the vote of confidence. I do wish that some more people with experience and/or examples would chime in. Good paint is expensive and it sucks to waste it.

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@SeventhSense That was in FL. Your examples are funny to me though for personal reasons. My paternal great grandparents were fairly wealthy. They had a large home in The Bronx with a large double staircase from what I understand. My grandma tells stories of being a very young child and sliding down the banister. Long story short, her father died at the age of 38 (my grandma was 5), relatives and accountants basically squandered the majority of money left to her mother, and eventually they sold their house to the church, and nuns are still living there I think.

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The infamous they say that a good way to open up space is to paint the highest wall an accent colour, and paint the rest of the walls a lighter, different colour, with the slanted ceiling the same colour or a few shades lighter than the non-accent wall. This is supposed to draw the light upwards and create a feeling of space.

That’s according to this interior decorating book I have lying around. ^_^

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Thanks for the info.

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I agree with Kolinahr 100%, my mom & I are big on home decorating(we are Celebrating Homes sales rep, formerly known as Home Interior) and we had that same problem in my mom’s old house plus the person who used to live there paited the house, THE ENTIRE HOUSE, with bright neon green & yellow so we had to paint before moving anything in. Anyways, point is if you want the room to feel bigger you can either paint the biggest wall lighter the the others and due a sponge design with the color from the other walls or in our case we picked the wall across from the windows and painted a sand color with a bone white sponge.

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Thanks. I went with a color called Chamois by Benjamin Moore- a warm off white and it’s great. Thank you everyone for your suggestions.

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