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Has anyone seen these shoes? Lord Google doesn't know what they are.

Asked by Fenris (1174points) May 13th, 2010

I have a pair of Aldo shoes, made in Italy, size 43, with a number in the inside: W 315 1101 43; I got them at Goodwill for $20, and they’ve served me better than any other pair of shoe I’ve owned. This pair has just about bit it and I can’t find a replacement anywhere on the interwebs. Can anyone identify them?

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Those links don’t work either. Depending on how old the shoe is, it may have been discontinued by Aldo. The only thing I can think of is checking sites like ebay to see if you can find another old pari or checking Aldo’s site to see if they have other shoes you would like.

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Those links still don’t work. Aldo is a shoe brand I’ve heard of before (if we’re talking about the same one). They make crappy women’s shoes…maybe decent men’s shoes? Anyway if they are from Goodwill, chances are the style has been long discontinued so your options are either to buy a new pair from Aldo and hope they will be as good or hit up sites like EBay and Craigslist and hope you get lucky. The odds are so against you though. Someone stole a blouse I loved and I never found a replacement since it was a style from like 2003.

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[mod says]: Fixed the links (in the followup response). % is broken in pasted links (so is ( and ) ). Use the other style links instead:

Like this.

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Ah, thanks andrew. I keep forgetting that Fluther has its own custom rich text language.

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I was going to say your best bet is ebay, but after doing a few searches, I’m here to say so long, farewell.

Aldo seems to have completely moved away from even making shoes of that style.

I’m sorry.

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I agree on going to ebay. I went to ALDO’s website and I found similar shoes to the pictures you just posted. Take a look.

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I was going to suggest what @cyndihugs said – she beat me to it. By the way, while there, drop them a note and let them know how great the shoes were. Why do we only seem to use customer service for complaints? Who knows, if enough people mention the quality of a shoe, perhaps they will continue to manufacture it.

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That would be nice….there was a huge following on the Montrail Streak and the Bebe Zaharas and they were still overhauled substantially / discontinued.

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@InspecterJones : Yeah, that’s what I was figuring. I’ve been looking on all the knockoff sites, ebay, the like. They’re dead.

I guess I’ll send an email to Aldo proper and see what their customer support has to say.

thanks all.

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