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If you could make a grand entrance movie style in slow motion, what would be some fun ocassions to do this & what would be your accompanying musical score?

Asked by ucme (46553points) May 14th, 2010

Wherever that may be or whoever you may be with, alone or with others.Purely hypothetical fantasy question, motive being fun & curiosity.I know what mine would be, waiting to see if anyone shares the same selection. G..g…gg…ggg.go!!!!

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Coming up to the stage in Stockholm to win the Nobel Prrize for Literature. The musical score would have to be the theme song from March of the Penguins I would guess.

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Kicking open the steel door of the bad guy’s lair, dressed like Emma Peel, to the gentle and melodic strains of “Go Forth & Die” by Dethklok, with a flame thrower for the doomed henchmen.

Hey, that’s what they get for signing with the wrong team!

I think it would fun to be in an action movie and kick some bad guy butt.

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I am going to the RFK Awards later this month. I would love to make a grand entrance into the reception. The musical accompaniment would be Scarlatti’s Sonata K for Harpsichord.

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If I could take George Costanza to a nice reception and spin him into the room with a backless tux with some nice, steamy Salsa, my life would be complete.

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@Trillian I’ll see if I can pull a few strings and arrange that for you, sweetie.

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I want this played everytime I enter the bathroom…

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I would use my entrance music as often as possible, every time I came into a room. I’d open the door, silhouetted by a lovely back-spot, and Short Skirt, Long Jacket by Cake would play.

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@lucillelucillelucille Or Lil’ Rubber Ducky by Kermit the frog would suit just as well.

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I would want this played everytime I open the door and exit the bathroom! ;)

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I’ve had this song in my head since yesterday. It might work. (“Lost in the LIght”)

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I don’t know why.. But this song.

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I would be at the helm of the barbeque at my daughter’s house. Welcome Back My Friends by ELP would be playing.

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@marinelife: And perhaps you should wear the green velvet drapes that Carol Burnett wore, based on Scarlett’s gown in GWTW?

Make sure the brass curtain rod is in place.

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@evandad Great tune, great band! +6

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@gailcalled Yes, absolutely!

@Kevbo Thanks for that link. I had not heard that song, and I really liked it.

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@marinelife @gailcalled

“I saw it in the window, and I just had to have it!”

Ha ha… I love Carol Burnett.

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@marinelife, you’re welcome. It’s from a free 1,200 song download from SXSW. About 1 in 5 are keepers.

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This is my theme music.

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I would go back to high school, & come to class late with the chorus of King Of The World by Porcelain And The Tramps playing.

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This is the one for me.

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@YARNLADY That is awesome!

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