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Have you ever stolen in a store, beauty shop or something?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) May 14th, 2010

I just came from the stores doing a little shoe shopping with my mom and I took a necklace and sunglasses(store) from 2 shops. I have done this sometimes. What do you think of it….I never do it always only sometimes when I really need that thing, and I do it because the prices are just ridiculous!

What do you think of this, have ever done it before?

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I’m sure you really needed that necklace.

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No, never have stolen anything! When I was 8 years old, took a dime off a desk after everyone had left the room. Brought it back the next day and put the dime back on the desk.

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I just love stollen. Delish!

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Yes I Have Stolen, Something That I Really Needed Badly. But, I Regret Ever Doing That Lmao

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1) It’s not the worst thing to do, but how would you feel if you owned a store where people stole “sometimes?”

2) You don’t REALLY NEED that necklace, the sun glasses I could almost understand.

Sorry to echo @Seek_Kolinahr, I got distracted while answering. In the meantime, everyone answered, and I didn’t read them before posting. I feel like @deni now…

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You should be glad you didn’t get caught with your mom with you. She would have been quite embarrassed and ashamed of you.

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Hi Winona! When I was a kid I swiped a pack of chewing gum.Very out of character as evidenced by the resultant outcome.The girl from the store came running outside telling me I had’nt paid for said gum. I threw it back at her, my mother found out, I had a sore bum.Lesson learned.

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I’m assuming you are a teen. Shoplifting is usually an attention seeking behavior. Are all of your needs being met? Do you feel safe in your home? This is a symptom of something larger going on with you.

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my mate once stole a pint of milk. the shop prosecuted and now he has a criminal record. He was supposed to go to the US on a class trip however couldnt go as he had a criminal record. im sure you could have lived without the necklace and sunglasses.
only thing ive once stolen was a tampon out of a ½ broken tampon machine, I had no money and there was no1 about to help me out. would never steal again but i could honestly say i really needed it, not something like jewelery or clothes. I would never steal again ever, the fact that I still remember needing to bust into that machine and put the thing back closed again makes me cringe and I felt bad just for that. most normal humans would accept my situation as a one-off.

do you not have a conscience?

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You do realize that shoplifting actually makes the prices go up, right? (and, no, I have never shoplifted.)

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No, never.

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@lucillelucillelucille Oh really? So how come you always have all these $20s, and I never got any?

100 points if you can pinpoint the reference.

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No, I’ve never stolen. That’s theft. You almost sound proud of this. Does your mom know this? If she does, she’s no better than you are. You “needed” the necklace?? I think not. @TheOnlyNeffie is right. You’re the reason things cost so much.

What do I think of t his? I think my opinion of you has gone right down the toilet!

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No, not since we moved out of the trailer park.

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No I have never stolen… well perhaps the odd paperclip or two from the office.

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@bob-I’ll make you a sandwich if you keep quiet.

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I stole a small 1” x 1” fuzzy bear when I was like 3 from a Party store. My Mom wouldn’t buy it for me so while we passed the basket they were in I took it while in my stroller. when we got in the car I showed my Mom and she yelled at me, but she was too embarrased to go back in with it. The shocking part, I still have that little bear to this day

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My son (he’s 21 months old) stole a rubber duckie the other day! We were buying a trash can at Walmart. He often gets to play with random toys while we’re in the store, and we put them back when we leave. At some point, he turned around in the cart and stuck the duckie he was playing with in the trash can! We only noticed after we got home. Kids these days, starting so early.

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I have, but I’ll be the first to tell you I was a disturbed teenager.

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I did shoplift a few times when I was younger. I thought something about it was funny and it made me feel smart to get over somebody. I was wrong. It was inconsiderate and a weak way to take care of myself. I learned better ways to build confidence and get what I want. What gives me the right to think something belongs to me if I haven’t earned it?

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There is nothing I want or need bad enough to steal…just wouldn’t do it.

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Stolen is not spelled with two “l“s. And, in contrast to your name, it is NOT sexy to steal.

It’s difficult to believe that you would post such a question. Are you starved for attention? Do you want to get caught? I hope you do, for your sake.

Either pay the price or let it be.

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I took lip gloss once when I was younger. It was a big rush Stealing is bad

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@MissA thumbs up to you

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When I was a kid, I think I was 7, I stole a chocolate bar from the grocery store as my mom shopped. I shoved it up my shirt. My mother eventually got suspicious and asked me what I had up my shirt. After multiple rounds of “nothing” and “you’ve got something” I showed her the chocolate bar. She marched me to the store manager and I endured a lecture on the evils of stealing. I’ve never stolen since.

My sister was a regular kleptomaniac during her teenage years. She would steal when we were out together I nearly had a heart attack each time she did it.

You didn’t need the sunglasses or the necklace. In fact you could have purchased both from a second hand store for next to nothing if you really did need them but didn’t have enough money.

Why do you steal when you could save your money for what you “need”? Sounds like you need to do some work on the difference between a want and a need. In any case, stealing is wrong. You were wrong to do it and if you keep doing it you will eventually get caught and then you’ll have a criminal record to contend with. All for what? Sunglasses and a necklace. Crazy.

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To ameliorate what you have done, you should send the business the money for what those items would have cost. Anonymously, if you don’t want to get caught.

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I can understand stealing some food because you “need” to feed your family. However, I cannot see a situation in which one EVER “needs” to steal a necklace and sunglasses. Grow up, get a job, pay for things the honest way like the rest of us.

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In before shoplifters try to justify shoplifting with “logic”...

I only stole something once. It was a candy bar. I was three years old and in a stroller. My parents didn’t even notice I had taken it. That was the first and last thing I’ve ever stolen from a store.

I have a friend who is a bit of a compulsive shoplifter. Sometimes she steals little things when I’m with her and I don’t even notice it. But at least she doesn’t try and justify it.

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@DominicX Dude, is your friend’s first name Winona?

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I’ve never shoplifted in my life.

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There are two funny stories that come to my mind.

The first, more innocent one:
I was in a music shop with my friend a few years back. I was reading the tracks on the back of a CD when my friend called me over to listen to this song (on the in-store headphones). It was a band we had recently discussed I think, so I was listening closely for something that he pointed out. He walked away, and I noticed that there were other bands and songs I could listen to. I was clicking through songs when I saw him at the entrance waving for me. I took off the headphones and walked over to him and we left. Once we got out of the mall, I noticed that I still had that original CD in my hand. I did not return it.

The second, less innocent one:
I was at a frat party with my two friends about a year ago. We were drinking in the basement, and had been there for a good three hours or so. When we were leaving, we thought it would be a good idea to take a keg. Somehow, we got the keg up from the basement, out the front door, down the street, around the corner, and into my friend’s trunk. It was fun at the time. I felt bad afterwards. It was fun at the time.

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Back in teh day, like, 12 years ago I stole some cosmetics from the drug store…like 90 dollars worth haha. I was with a friend and we got busted, then the security guard’s all like, so where’d you girls get all that from?

In a great surge of intelligence I say, we had em on us when we came in here! Then when they didn’t believe us I started crying. XD So we were taken in some back room to wait for the cops for like two hours, and eventually a security guard comes in with a huge bag of MacDick’s, and he’s like, you girls hungry? Thinking he was gonna give us some, we answer yes, then he just goes, too bad. They ate it in our faces haha those pricks.

Anyways I ended up doing community service at the homeless shelter and I caught a huge cold from there and was plastered to my bed for a whole weekend…I never stole again.

I’ll refrain from offering my opinion on the matter of theft, but if you wanna do it that’s your thing, and if it becomes a problem, which it easily can, then that’s your problem.

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A thief and liar are shitty people in my book. I stole a candy bar when I was about six. My mom found it and made me return it. Since than I’ve not only not stolen, I once went back in the store to pay for some dang veggies that were in the place in the cart where I keep my purse. Theft and vandalism affect all of us with higher prices, and the cost of security guards and cameras.
Thank you.

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I use to be very good at it. Even then I didn’t do it much. The possible problems compared to the goods didn’t seem worth it.

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@dpworkin , OMG so true!! Stolen foods are so delish, especially candy:))

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@MonaeBroo , awww poor your, It’ll go away.

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@chyna , hahah true! Anyways my mom knows I stole one-time, but today I told her not to rush me so that I could put the necklace and glasses in my bag, and she hurried me saying I ain’t gonna steal. Then later when we got out I told her and she just told to please stop.
I love my mom<3<3<3best mom ever

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@Thesexier Best mom ever? She told you to please stop? Oooooooo. Harsh words there. She’s a real role model, she is. You have a lot to learn, kiddo. Namely values. I see a TV career for you. On COPS.

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@ucme : hahahah :D
@tinyfaery , no I am very happy with my life but youtube and E! Online have maybe spoiled me a little. Though when I steal I really enjoy the things I store that I could wear them 2–3 times a week:O
@TheOnlyNeffie , OMG really!!! I never knew that, but if that happens then I stop buying because I can live without it.
@MissA , Ehhh..ok take it easy I am not seeking attension or anything its just a simple question, and yeah Don’t judge me!!!!

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@jbfletcherfan , what do you mean my the telly (TV) thing?

Anyway I only do it sometimes, and usually it’s small things that don’t even get noticeble(

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@Thesexier Your response just proves you are indeed having problems.

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@Thesexier You are SO clueless! I really feel sorry for you. You just don’t get it.

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I’m done following this question.

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People I don’t get what you are trying to say, I do have money and everything if you think I don’t

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Need attention much? I’m through following also.

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Count me in on that, too. This is making me sick.

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@Thesexier Based on your last few responses it’s clear you are unaware of the consequences of your actions. Please thoroughly read my post in this thread. If you continue to shoplift this WILL happen. Stop now before you have handcuffs slapped on you. By the way, the value of the merchandise you steal is relatively irrelevant – the store will call the police whether you steal a $10 pair of sunglasses or a $500 pair.

I know how it is being a teenager, you think adults are totally clueless and out of touch – but on this topic we are 100% right and you are 100% wrong.

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@FutureMemory , Well Thank you and I won’t do it again. But I don’t get why people think I only want attension:(

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I don’t know if your are doing it for attention. I’m starting to believe, from all your responses and your complete lack of remorse, that you are a bit of kleptomaniac.

I’m interested in knowing just why you think it is ok to steal?

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On the specific point of you wanting attention: I don’t think there’s an automatic correlation between stealing and wanting attention. I know that when I shoplifted on a regular basis it wasn’t for attention, it was because I was poor and of the opinion things like razor blades are ridiculously over priced, which somehow made it justifiable in my mind to take them without paying. I had deluded myself to such a degree that the only reason I did stop was because of the arrest.

I sincerely hope you do stop. Good luck.

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When I was like 10 years old, my mom’s boyfriend was living with us. One day I ate all of his ice cream, and knowing that he would be upset I went to the store to replace it. However, I didn’t have any money, so I put 2 cartons in my bag. Well, as I approached the checkout to exit the store, the manager asked me what was in my bag, I tried to talk my way out of it, but I was busted. I was very scared, he went into the office to get a Polaroid camera, to take my picture and hang it on the wall. Luckily, the camera was out of film, and he let me go without calling the cops. After that experience, I was too terrified to steal anything ever again, and its a good lesson learned, don’t steal unless you are willing to face the consequences. I avoided that particular supermarket for about 5 years, because I was too embarassed to go in.

I think the only way for someone to stop stealing is to get caught. Otherwise you will never learn your lesson and continue to do it.

I now work in a supermarket, and am very good at spotting shoplifters.

Some people get a thrill from stealing, sort of a natural high. This is very dangerous, because the consequences can be embarassing and lead to arrest, conviction and having a record can prevent you from getting certain jobs.

Think about it, before stealing. Is that $10 item worth a $500 fine? Is that pair of sunglasses worth spending time in jail. (Petit larceny can carry a jail sentence.)

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@tranquilsea , I don’t think it’s cool or okay to steal.
@FutureMemory , Exactly! I don’t want any attention, it’s just that some things I want and stuff are too overpriced. And thank you for caring, I can stop doing it.
Good luck to you too!

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I stole glitter once, when I was 10, because my friend told me to. When I next went back into that shop, the owner asked me if I would like anymore glitter. I was so ashamed and I never ever stole anything since.

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@shit , awww thats soo cute! Not the stealing but the owner asking you and you turning pink maybe:)

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@shit The expression on your face when he said that must have been priceless.

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@Thesexier Then why do you do it? Because the goods you steal, you feel, are overpriced? That would be a good argument for why you don’t buy them but not one for stealing them.

I hope you do live by your statement that you are not going to steal any more. It is the right thing to do.

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@FutureMemory Yes, I bet it was, I felt so ashamed.

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