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George v. Abe who'd win in a fight?

Asked by CrazyRedHead (925points) May 14th, 2010

If Abe Lincoln and George Washington got into a fight who’d win?
Also, Who do you think did a better job as a president?
(Let’s keep this civil people, they’re just opinions not a political debate =] )

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I think GW did a terrific job seeing that he was the first one and didn’t have sage words of wisdom to fall back on like every other President has had.

Usually the one in the fight with the longer reach would win so that would be Abe, plus his experience in the wrestling ring should give him the tough guy edge.

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Georgey Boy v Abe the Babe? Hmmm, i’m going to have to bet on Lincoln.The hat twatting the toothless one just about swings it in his favour for me.

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Let’s see.. lawyer vs. seasoned general. My money’s on George.

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Who would win in charge of a military in battle? Washington.

Who would win in a court room? Lincoln.

Who would win in a physical one-on-one brawl? Jackson.

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My money’s on Lincoln.

When challenged to a duel in 1842, he chose broadswords in a pit. That’s not a duel for the feint-of-heart. I’m pretty certain he (at 6’5) could go toe-to-toe with anyone you put him up to – even 6’3 Washington.

“Mr. Lincoln’s remarkable strength resulted not so much from muscular power as from the toughness of his sinews. He could not only lift from the ground enormous weight, but could throw a cannonball or a maul farther than anyone in New Salem.”

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the U.S., was such an accomplished wrestler that once, after disposing of an opponent with a single toss, he stepped to the center of the mob that had gathered and shouted, “Any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns!”

No one stepped forward.

“We can only find one recorded defeat of Lincoln in 12 years,” says Bob Dellinger, director emeritus of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in Stillwater, Okla., where Lincoln is enshrined in the Hall of Outstanding Americans.

Granted, Washington did a bit of wrestling in school, but that was the pansy “let’s get into position, and… go!” wrestling. Not barroom brawling.

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It sounds as if none of you have gone to a Washington Nationals home game. A group of mascots called The Rushmores race around the ballpark. Teddy has never won; it’s an ongoing joke, and there’s a group of fans who wear “Run, Teddy, Run” t-shirts. Tom does ok, and Abe and George usually have a very close race.

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